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Unraveling the Story: Our Zardosi Wall Art

Zardosi is an intricate Persian embroidery technique that dates back to the Mughal Empire under the patronage Emperor Akbar. Traditionally done in gold bullion wire (Zardosi is a Persian word that means sewing with gold), this detailed needlework was once used by Persian royalty to embellish their garments and accessories. Due to industrialization and loss of royal patronage, this unique and extremely detailed technique is now practiced by only a handful of artisans—a dying art we’d like to keep alive.

Zardosi Method 

The Zardosi embroidery process begins with the artisan sitting (usually cross-legged) around the wooden framework with their tools. These tools include curved hooks, needles, gold or silver wire, and whatever style beads or sequins they choose. The design is then traced onto the fabric and stretched over a wooden frame—the intricate embroidery then begins.

Our Collection

Unraveling the Story: Our Zardosi Wall Art | Wisteria

Our Zardosi Isaiah Crown Wall Art  is fit for a king and will deliver a spiritual element to a wall space. Profiled in a gold wood frame, this ornate crown features delicate, hand-sewn beads and is outlined with the verse from Isaiah 28:5, “In that day the Lord Almighty will be a glorious crown, a beautiful wreath for the remnant of his people.”

Zardosi Cross Wall Art | Wisteria

Our Zardosi Cross Wall Art fits with holiday or everyday decor. Featuring an ornate crown atop a cross, this intricately detailed piece delivers the message from Isaiah 40:29–31, “He gives his power to the weak, and to those who have no might He increases strength . . .”

Zardosi Psalms Crown Wall Art | Wisteria

Last but not least, our Zardosi Psalms Crown Wall Art  features an ornate crown on a bed of laurel leaves above the verse from Psalms 149:4, “For the Lord takes delight in his people he crowns the humble victory.” This beautiful piece is embroidered on stretched canvas over a wood frame.

We can’t imagine how a wonderfully unique and traditional technique has become almost obsolete, and though it’s not much, we hope these pieces will help keep this dying art alive.

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Frame by Frame: Creating a Salon Wall

So, you have that one empty (and consequently massive) wall that’s been staring at you far too long. Or maybe you have a collection of decor pieces, photos, and prints that you have yet to find the perfect place to hang in your home. Well, there’s a solution that may initially seem intimidating, but just might be what your polished home is missing. Enter the salon wall (AKA the gallery wall). A salon wall is a great way to infuse some personality into your space and really make a statement. You may not have all the right pieces laying around and find they may take some time. But don’t get overwhelmed—we have some tips and tricks to help you along the way.

Start by selecting a consistent color palette or theme. In our example, we’re highlighting all things avian in a range of natural hues. We suggest starting with a piece or two that you adore, then build your collection around that. Ultimately, your salon wall should reflect your personality and showcase your favorite things.

Once you’re happy with your collection, it’s time to play with the layout and put it all together.

First, anchor the collection. We think this is best done with one large piece. A dominant piece will serve as the foundation and dictate the flow of other smaller pieces. There is, however, an alternative if you don’t have this piece. In it’s place, use two to four pieces hung at matching heights to establish your focal point.


We suggest starting from the center then working outward and upward. This will help maintain balance within your designated space.


Vary the sizes and orientation of each piece. A variety of shapes and sizes will help the wall feel balanced and keep the eye entertained.


Be sure to keep the distance between the pieces consistent. It doesn’t have to be exact but you don’t want it to look cluttered and completely unplanned. Also, take time to make sure each piece is level. Creating a salon wall is no easy feat, so details matter.


Our favorite part of creating a salon wall is watching it all come together. It may seem like a daunting task at first, but trust us, you’ll love it. An added bonus is that you can break up the gallery at any time and rehang the pieces throughout your home (although we suggest you enjoy the finished product for awhile first)! Love our salon wall? You can purchase all pieces as a set or individually to suit your collection (at 20% off until 9/21)!

Frame by Frame: Creating a Salon Wall | Wisteria

All together now!

  • Chrissie Cheshire

    The products you have are amazing, interesting, decorative and fabulous. However, one sad point…….you do not ship to the UK.

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Everything Old Is New Again: Our Antique Moroccan Sconce

There is a saying that an antique is anything old with class, and we find this to be true of our Antique Moroccan Sconce.

Wisteria has always been influenced by unique, worldly items—some that have an intriguing story or interesting history and some that don’t. And sometimes we are able to create meaning and beauty by giving new life to existing pieces. Every Antique Moroccan Sconce is made from a collected antique mirror, revived with a simple iron candleholder, giving each one a completely unique identity—varying in size, color, and style. This sconce features an emblematic Moroccan arch, a distinct characteristic of Moroccan architecture and design. Made of wood, this antique piece has a naturally weathered and distressed façade that is an organic result of its age. The subtle flicker of a flame from a small pillar or tealight candle will accentuate its heirloom quality—and your wall space.

| Wisteria

Style Tip

Our sconces are sold separately, but we recommend buying multiples—especially with these—to create a curated gallery wall. Alongside the right pieces, our Antique Moroccan Sconce will deliver an antiquarian feel to a wall space and leave you reveling in its rustic charm. We chose our Rajasthani Mirror and our Moroccan Repeating Mirror for a complete Marrakesh look.

Everything Old Is New Again: Our Antique Moroccan Sconce| Wisteria

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A Map of History

Sebastian Münster is perhaps one of the most important and famous mapmakers of the mid-16th century. Münster, a German cartographer, was best known for his map-masterpiece, Cosmographia. Cosmographia is known as the earliest German depiction of the world. This piece is thought to have played a major part in the revival of geographic thought in 16th-century Europe, and our London Map Wall Art showcases its historic value.


Münster was the first cartographer to make separate maps for each continent that was known at the time—America, Africa, Asia, and Europe. Cosmographia quickly became successful, and over the next 100 years it passed through 24 editions. This success was partially due to the fascinating nature in which Cosmographia was created—carved by hand on woodblocks.

Our replica highlights a portion of Comosgraphia—a visual of 16th-century London. Enriched with color and intricate details, each portion of our map is encased in a frame made of reclaimed wood from old European buildings circa the 19th century. With our abundance of technological devices today, it’s easy to forget the origin of something we now take for granted. Map your way through history with our London Map Wall Art (now on sale!).

London Map Wall Art


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Wisteria Wall Art: Watercolor Paintings

Relish in the world of watercolor with our bustling abstract Aquarelle Watercolor Wall Art. At Wisteria, we love creating beautiful pops of color you can add to your wall—like our collection of watercolor paintings.

Watercolors | Wisteria
Aquarelle Wall Art: Yellow // Lavender // Turquoise // Teal // Purple // Green

Watercolor painting dates back to cave paintings of Paleolithic Europe and reached its height during the Middle Ages. We don’t know why we love these paintings so much. Perhaps the history has tugged at our strings of curiosity or perhaps it’s the rareness of each and every one—and the support each contribute to an artisan community in Xiamen. With every brushstroke being original to the Chinese artisans who apply them, these paintings embody a one-of-a-kind quality—a rareness we bask in here at Wisteria.

Watercolors | Wisteria

Curate a gallery wall with our entire watercolor collection to add a dreamy depth to a wall space or showcase a single painting to make a spot pop.

Share your gallery wall with us on Instagram, using #wisteriastyle

  • Judy A

    I finally order three of these prints after looking at them for a year. I selected the ones I felt would look good over my bed and they came very quickly. I really like them and am impressed that you can hang them in four different positions. The packaging was outstanding.

  • Alise St. Germain

    We are so glad you are enjoying your purchase, Judy! Please feel free to share your #wisteriastyle on social media. We’d love to see it!

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