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Frame by Frame: Creating a Salon Wall

So, you have that one empty (and consequently massive) wall that’s been staring at you far too long. Or maybe you have a collection of decor pieces, photos, and prints that you have yet to find the perfect place to hang in your home. Well, there’s a solution that may initially seem intimidating, but just might be what your polished home is missing. Enter the salon wall (AKA the gallery wall). A salon wall is a great way to infuse some personality into your space and really make a statement. You may not have all the right pieces laying around and find they may take some time. But don’t get overwhelmed—we have some tips and tricks to help you along the way.

Start by selecting a consistent color palette or theme. In our example, we’re highlighting all things avian in a range of natural hues. We suggest starting with a piece or two that you adore, then build your collection around that. Ultimately, your salon wall should reflect your personality and showcase your favorite things.

Once you’re happy with your collection, it’s time to play with the layout and put it all together.

First, anchor the collection. We think this is best done with one large piece. A dominant piece will serve as the foundation and dictate the flow of other smaller pieces. There is, however, an alternative if you don’t have this piece. In it’s place, use two to four pieces hung at matching heights to establish your focal point.


We suggest starting from the center then working outward and upward. This will help maintain balance within your designated space.


Vary the sizes and orientation of each piece. A variety of shapes and sizes will help the wall feel balanced and keep the eye entertained.


Be sure to keep the distance between the pieces consistent. It doesn’t have to be exact but you don’t want it to look cluttered and completely unplanned. Also, take time to make sure each piece is level. Creating a salon wall is no easy feat, so details matter.


Our favorite part of creating a salon wall is watching it all come together. It may seem like a daunting task at first, but trust us, you’ll love it. An added bonus is that you can break up the gallery at any time and rehang the pieces throughout your home (although we suggest you enjoy the finished product for awhile first)! Love our salon wall? You can purchase all pieces as a set or individually to suit your collection (at 20% off until 9/21)!

Frame by Frame: Creating a Salon Wall | Wisteria

All together now!

  • Chrissie Cheshire

    The products you have are amazing, interesting, decorative and fabulous. However, one sad point…….you do not ship to the UK.

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Stylish Storage: Our Reclaimed Wood Hutch – Small

Seeking stylish storage? Look no further—we’ve got the perfect piece for you! We’ve taken one of our most popular pieces and slimmed it down, making this storage unit even more versatile.

Constructed of recycled wood and iron, our Reclaimed Wood Hutch is modeled after early 20th-century cabinets that were once used in vintage-era banker’s offices. Though its façade is faceted with what appears to be several small drawers, this piece actually features five bottom drawers and two top slim drawers built into the iron frame—perfect to store small-scale items.

Stylish Storage: Our Reclaimed Wood Hutch – Small | Wisteria

Multifunctional, this piece can be used in a variety of settings. With an abundance of drawers and shelving, this hutch works well in the kitchen to store dinnerware and dining accessories, or in the living room to hold blankets and tchotchkes. We especially like the idea of using this piece in the study to hold office supplies—harkening back to its origin of use.

Stylish Storage: Our Reclaimed Wood Hutch – Small | Wisteria

Whether you’re seeking a storage solution or would like to update your current storage situation, our Reclaimed Wood Hutch gets the job done without sacrificing style. Need more storage space? Check out the larger version here.


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Everything Old Is New Again: Our Antique Moroccan Sconce

There is a saying that an antique is anything old with class, and we find this to be true of our Antique Moroccan Sconce.

Wisteria has always been influenced by unique, worldly items—some that have an intriguing story or interesting history and some that don’t. And sometimes we are able to create meaning and beauty by giving new life to existing pieces. Every Antique Moroccan Sconce is made from a collected antique mirror, revived with a simple iron candleholder, giving each one a completely unique identity—varying in size, color, and style. This sconce features an emblematic Moroccan arch, a distinct characteristic of Moroccan architecture and design. Made of wood, this antique piece has a naturally weathered and distressed façade that is an organic result of its age. The subtle flicker of a flame from a small pillar or tealight candle will accentuate its heirloom quality—and your wall space.

| Wisteria

Style Tip

Our sconces are sold separately, but we recommend buying multiples—especially with these—to create a curated gallery wall. Alongside the right pieces, our Antique Moroccan Sconce will deliver an antiquarian feel to a wall space and leave you reveling in its rustic charm. We chose our Rajasthani Mirror and our Moroccan Repeating Mirror for a complete Marrakesh look.

Everything Old Is New Again: Our Antique Moroccan Sconce| Wisteria

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How To Decorate Small Spaces: Breakfast Nook

Indigo and Ebony Small Spaces Breakfast Nook

Sometimes fitting form and function in a small space can be challenging. Fortunately, Wisteria has a great selection of items perfect for small spaces. Below are the few key pieces you need to put together this inviting Indigo Infusion Dining Room!

The Sleekest Metal Table

The Sleekest Metal Table is the perfect starting piece. The thin metal legs keep it open and airy, but it still has plenty of surface area. The industrial design also lends itself to almost any style of chair as well.

Industrial Wall Art

Our Industrial Wall Art is a great showstopper. Just because you have a small space doesn’t mean you can’t go big with your art! This wall art doubles as a mirror, which helps create the illusion of a light and bright space.

Black Bowfront Chest

A great chest is something everyone should own. For example, the Black Bowfront Chest is the kind of piece you can use in any room of your home. From entryway, to bedroom, and even as dining storage, it’s always stylish!

Keep your accessories to the minimum to avoid clutter, and you will have the light and sunny breakfast nook you’ve always wanted! See more small space inspiration online.


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Insider Style: Coastal Mantels

Earlier this year, we asked three employees to help us out with one of our summer photo shoots. Each got to style the same mantel any way they wanted. The looks they came up with are unique and charming.

Which mantel most resembles your style? Recreate any of these looks or build your own coastal inspired mantel by shopping all our coastal products here.

Now it’s time to get to know the employees behind our Coastal Mantel photo shoot!

Coastal Mantle 1

Spotlight On: Kayla, Marketing

Tell us a bit about what inspired this design. I love the color combo of blue and white. It’s very typical of coastal looks, but I also wanted to add pops of other colors. I’m always looking for creative ways to display my jewelry—our Floating Coral Shelves worked perfectly!

Describe your style in three words. Colorful, trendy, and preppy.

Where is your dream summer vacation spot? St. John—snorkeling, sun bathing, and sipping piña coladas!

What is one design tip you think everyone needs to know? Pile on the pillows! They’re an easy and affordable way to add texture and color to any room.

Coastal Mantle 2

Spotlight On: Joe, Merchandising

Tell us a bit about what inspired this design. I recently bought a house on the water and I am excited to get back into sailing, hiking, and enjoying Nature. This mantel is inspired by the casual, natural lifestyle that I love.

Describe your style in three words. Eclectic, neo-tradtional, and clean.

Where is your dream summer vacation spot? I love the artistic town of Ubud in Bali. The beauty of the architecture and terraced rice fields, the intriguing sounds of the gamelan, the colorful temple dances, and the delicious food all add up to a gorgeous vacation.

What is one design tip you think everyone needs to know? Every room should have something unexpected.

Coastal Mantle 3
Spotlight On: Stephanie, Design and Product Development

Tell us a bit about what inspired this design. I love the beach and this reminds me of the coast.

Describe your style in three words. Simple, casual, and playful.

Where is your dream summer vacation spot? Anywhere with white sand, crystal clear water, and scuba diving.

What is one design tip you think everyone needs to know? To not be afraid of design or get hung up on rules. Just have fun with styling. I love mixing materials and textures like I’ve done here with glass, bone, and wood.

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