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Frame by Frame: Creating a Salon Wall

So, you have that one empty (and consequently massive) wall that’s been staring at you far too long. Or maybe you have a collection of decor pieces, photos, and prints that you have yet to find the perfect place to hang in your home. Well, there’s a solution that may initially seem intimidating, but just might be what your polished home is missing. Enter the salon wall (AKA the gallery wall). A salon wall is a great way to infuse some personality into your space and really make a statement. You may not have all the right pieces laying around and find they may take some time. But don’t get overwhelmed—we have some tips and tricks to help you along the way.

Start by selecting a consistent color palette or theme. In our example, we’re highlighting all things avian in a range of natural hues. We suggest starting with a piece or two that you adore, then build your collection around that. Ultimately, your salon wall should reflect your personality and showcase your favorite things.

Once you’re happy with your collection, it’s time to play with the layout and put it all together.

First, anchor the collection. We think this is best done with one large piece. A dominant piece will serve as the foundation and dictate the flow of other smaller pieces. There is, however, an alternative if you don’t have this piece. In it’s place, use two to four pieces hung at matching heights to establish your focal point.


We suggest starting from the center then working outward and upward. This will help maintain balance within your designated space.


Vary the sizes and orientation of each piece. A variety of shapes and sizes will help the wall feel balanced and keep the eye entertained.


Be sure to keep the distance between the pieces consistent. It doesn’t have to be exact but you don’t want it to look cluttered and completely unplanned. Also, take time to make sure each piece is level. Creating a salon wall is no easy feat, so details matter.


Our favorite part of creating a salon wall is watching it all come together. It may seem like a daunting task at first, but trust us, you’ll love it. An added bonus is that you can break up the gallery at any time and rehang the pieces throughout your home (although we suggest you enjoy the finished product for awhile first)! Love our salon wall? You can purchase all pieces as a set or individually to suit your collection (at 20% off until 9/21)!

Frame by Frame: Creating a Salon Wall | Wisteria

All together now!

  • Chrissie Cheshire

    The products you have are amazing, interesting, decorative and fabulous. However, one sad point…….you do not ship to the UK.

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Stylish Storage: Our Reclaimed Wood Hutch – Small

Seeking stylish storage? Look no further—we’ve got the perfect piece for you! We’ve taken one of our most popular pieces and slimmed it down, making this storage unit even more versatile.

Constructed of recycled wood and iron, our Reclaimed Wood Hutch is modeled after early 20th-century cabinets that were once used in vintage-era banker’s offices. Though its façade is faceted with what appears to be several small drawers, this piece actually features five bottom drawers and two top slim drawers built into the iron frame—perfect to store small-scale items.

Stylish Storage: Our Reclaimed Wood Hutch – Small | Wisteria

Multifunctional, this piece can be used in a variety of settings. With an abundance of drawers and shelving, this hutch works well in the kitchen to store dinnerware and dining accessories, or in the living room to hold blankets and tchotchkes. We especially like the idea of using this piece in the study to hold office supplies—harkening back to its origin of use.

Stylish Storage: Our Reclaimed Wood Hutch – Small | Wisteria

Whether you’re seeking a storage solution or would like to update your current storage situation, our Reclaimed Wood Hutch gets the job done without sacrificing style. Need more storage space? Check out the larger version here.


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A Tabletop Worthy of Cheers!

It’s the time of year again where we’re eager to entertain. The sun is shining bright, the weather is perfectly warm, and everybody’s feeling refreshed. We know you’re thinking “bring on the backyard barbecues and pool parties!” So, we’ve got a few ideas of how to set the stage for a bright and impactful soiree that’s centered around every get-together’s highlight: your tabletop.

We’re all about a bold palette this season. Set your foundation with a solid tablecloth in your favorite color. Keep in mind, a good tablecloth is a staple for every entertainer so select one that you can imagine living in other areas of your home. Check out our sturdy Burlap Tablecloth that’s available in 6 versatile colors.

Burlap Tablecloth

Why not throw down an additional layer of interest with a Get Geometric Tablecloth or maybe an Ombre Table Runner? These textiles are sure to catch your guests’ eye!

Get Geometric Tablecloth

Ombre Table Runner

Now let’s bring in some texture. People typically pay a lot of attention to the color and design of their chargers. But we suggest a neutral option, like these Rattan Chargers, to introduce an organic texture to your tablescape. These chargers are perfect for any casual get-together and versatile enough to live on your everyday dining table.

 Rattan Chargers

While we love the idea of timeless white plates for every other occasion, your party deserves something fun and fitting for the season. We’re crazy about these Scallop Plates for so many reasons. For starters, these plates are the creation of our Head Designer, Marlene, who was inspired by a favorite watercolor. She chose blue because, “it works so well in many situations.” We couldn’t agree more! Additionally, these plates are lightweight melamine and dishwasher safe—making them perfect for any entertaining.

Scallop Plates

Polish off your tabletop with a couple brightly colored bouquets (we love hydrangeas) and maybe even a hurricane or two—and cheers!




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A Well-Traveled Space





At Wisteria, we are ever inspired by travel. We traverse the globe in search of unique pieces that exude the personality of their country of origin. The absolute best part of collecting such charismatic pieces is blending them all together to create inspired spaces. Interested in recreating this traveled look?

We have a few tips to get you started!   T12300_04

Begin with traditional pieces that have European sophistication. We recommend a couple of our Gustivian Tub Chairs—they’ll anchor your space with timeless style.

Corinthian Capital Table

Then, add in unexpected elements of classical architecture like our Corinthian Capital Table.  Deco Corners Mirror

It dually serves as a element of beauty and function, while it hints of exotic textures too. Our Deco Corners Mirror, featuring a stylistic twist on Chinese fretwork, will add a golden glimmer of antiquity to any wall or mantel.

Gold Greek Key Pillow

Pillows are always the perfect finishing touch! Pair a bold color that reminds you of your favorite sunset abroad with a fierce animal print. Then throw in a couple of these Gold Greek Key Pillows for a unique, collected look.

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Form Meets Function: The Cannon Apartment Bench

There are some pieces that have an expected place in every home. And then there are some pieces, like the Cannon Apartment Bench, that can look right at home in any space. Form meets function with this versatile bench, and we have a few ideas of where it could fit in your home.

The Cannon Apartment Bench is perfect in any casual living space that sees a lot of movement and traffic. Its sturdy oak frame is sure to stand the test of an energetic little one and the high-quality linen slipcover can be easily changed to keep it looking fresh and inviting.

Form Meets Function: The Cannon Apartment Bench

Looking for an imaginative seating option for your dining room? This bench’s slim frame allows it to easily slide under your dining table and ensures that you’re always prepared for that unexpected plus one. Add a couple throw pillows of your favorite variety to accessorize and enhance your existing décor.

Form Meets Function:  The Cannon Apartment Bench

The compact nature of this bench also lends itself to being a fixture in any entryway or corridor. It’s ideal as a stylish place to slip your shoes on and off as you come and go. Slide some baskets under it for a little extra storage—an easy way to corral unsightly objects that tend to gather in these areas.

Form Meets Function:  The Cannon Apartment Bench

The slipcovers are available in five colors, making this bench perfect for anyone who loves to update their space frequently. Keep it traditional with Natural or try it in Royal Blue for an instant pop of color! Try it in one space or try it in them all—we’re certain that this bench will be right at home in your space!











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