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How To Style a Coffee Table

There are many ways to style a coffee table to make it both functional and beautiful. Here we will break down three different (though common) shapes of coffee tables and how to style them to suit your needs!

Marble Woods Coffee Table - Wisteria

Square Coffee Table

It’s easy to break down a square coffee table like our Marble Woods Coffee Table into four even sections. In the upper right section we used the Armillary Votive Holder. The candles add a lovely glow in the evening. as well as height. Always remember to vary height when styling! In the bottom right, we used the classic stack of books topped with the accoutrement of choice. We decided on the Glass Fishing Float to go with our coastal theme. However, you’ll notice on the left side we used a tray. It still has two sections, but the tray gives it some unity. It helps to ground the sections, otherwise things can feel like they’re floating with no purpose. Here we went with the Parisian Bistro Tray—the indigo stripes are trending right now. The bottom left section is our Trellis Bone Box. Boxes are especially great on coffee tables to help hide small things like remotes and matches for your candles. And no coffee table is complete without a little greenery, so we used two potted succulents in the upper left. Succulents are perfect because they need little watering!

Mughal Coffee Table - Wisteria

Round Coffee Table

Again it’s best to think about styling in sections! Here we divided the Mughal Coffee Table like a pie into three sections. The Chinese Flower Pot gives great height and a beautiful vase for flowers. It looks good empty, too! Next we used a simple Wonki Ware Bowl filled with Gesso Fruit. Bowls provide a great opportunity to change your styling seasonally with small glass floats, shells, fresh fruit, or anything that strikes your fancy! In the last section, we again used a great stack of coffee table books. Top it with a small bowl or decorative plate like our Ming Plates to corral candles or matches.

Rectangular Parquet-Top Coffee Table - Wisteria

Rectangle Coffee Table

Our Rectangular Parquet-Top Coffee Table is an all time best-seller for good reason! Its size and sturdiness is great for any home and the parquet surface is literally the cherry on top! We divided this one into five sections. Three stacks of coffee tables books topped with our San Vincent Santos and Fossil Study for height, and Acrylic Box for sleek storage. The Big Iron Tray grounds the last two sections. The Large and Small Nautical Rope lanterns add candle glow, while the Small Scalloped Planter filled with succulents add a natural element.

In conclusion remember these 6 things:

1. Divide into sections

2. A stack of books is a decorative accessory

3. A candle element

4. A vase or planter for a natural element

5. A tray, box, or plate for storage and organization

6. Remember to vary your heights!


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