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The Man In Red (Or Blue): Our Nordic and Seaside Santas

Growing up many of us were told of the jolly old man with the big white beard and big belly that shook like a bowl full of jelly when he laughed. This man is Santa Claus—also known as Saint Nick, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, or simply Santa—the man in red who shimmies down the chimney each Christmas Eve to deliver gifts to all the children who’ve been nice. Though this depiction has evolved into a fantastical character, the origins of Santa Claus actually stem from a 4th-century bishop named Saint Nicholas.

Saint Nicholas was a Greek Christian bishop of Myra, a province of the Byzantine Empire, now in Turkey. Saint Nicholas was extremely religious and devoted his entire life to Christianity. He became famous for his generosity—giving gifts to the poor—and is usually portrayed as a bearded bishop in canonical robes. In honor of his selfless actions, December 6 was known as Saint Nicholas’ Day. Children were bestowed gifts in his honor by their families the night before. This date later changed to December 24, following the course of the Reformation initiated by Martin Luther.

The story of Santa Claus varies slightly in each culture, taking on their own adaptation, but the heart of the story remains the same—emerging from a single Saint who gifted to the poor.

Our Nordic and Seaside Santas are a simple reminder of this special story.


Our Nordic Santa is prepared for the winter season—bundled up and ready to go with a bushel of holly, a pinecone walking stick, and a lantern to light the way down those chimneys.


Decked in hues taken from the sea, our Seaside Santa is a coastal-inspired take on the man in red. Toting a bounty of real shells, he’ll add a splash of maritime cheer to your holiday collection.

Featuring intricate details and lifelike qualities, each of our Santas are made completely by hand and will make a festive addition to your traditional or coastal-inspired spread.


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Unraveling the Story: Our Zardosi Wall Art

Zardosi is an intricate Persian embroidery technique that dates back to the Mughal Empire under the patronage Emperor Akbar. Traditionally done in gold bullion wire (Zardosi is a Persian word that means sewing with gold), this detailed needlework was once used by Persian royalty to embellish their garments and accessories. Due to industrialization and loss of royal patronage, this unique and extremely detailed technique is now practiced by only a handful of artisans—a dying art we’d like to keep alive.

Zardosi Method 

The Zardosi embroidery process begins with the artisan sitting (usually cross-legged) around the wooden framework with their tools. These tools include curved hooks, needles, gold or silver wire, and whatever style beads or sequins they choose. The design is then traced onto the fabric and stretched over a wooden frame—the intricate embroidery then begins.

Our Collection

Unraveling the Story: Our Zardosi Wall Art | Wisteria

Our Zardosi Isaiah Crown Wall Art  is fit for a king and will deliver a spiritual element to a wall space. Profiled in a gold wood frame, this ornate crown features delicate, hand-sewn beads and is outlined with the verse from Isaiah 28:5, “In that day the Lord Almighty will be a glorious crown, a beautiful wreath for the remnant of his people.”

Zardosi Cross Wall Art | Wisteria

Our Zardosi Cross Wall Art fits with holiday or everyday decor. Featuring an ornate crown atop a cross, this intricately detailed piece delivers the message from Isaiah 40:29–31, “He gives his power to the weak, and to those who have no might He increases strength . . .”

Zardosi Psalms Crown Wall Art | Wisteria

Last but not least, our Zardosi Psalms Crown Wall Art  features an ornate crown on a bed of laurel leaves above the verse from Psalms 149:4, “For the Lord takes delight in his people he crowns the humble victory.” This beautiful piece is embroidered on stretched canvas over a wood frame.

We can’t imagine how a wonderfully unique and traditional technique has become almost obsolete, and though it’s not much, we hope these pieces will help keep this dying art alive.

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Give BIG! Gifts They’ll Enjoy All Year Long

Furniture as Gifts | Wisteria

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me,

a Sunburst Armoire

On the second day of Christmas my true love sent to me,

Two Rustic Stitch-Back Armchairs and a Sunburst Armoire

On the third day of Christmas my true love sent to me,

Three Not-So-Simple Table Lamps, two Rustic Stitch-Back Armchairs, and a Sunburst Armoire

On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me,

Four Regal French Chandeliers, three Not-So-Simple Table Lamps, two Rustic Stitch-Back Armchairs, and a Sunburst Armoire

On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me,

Five Wooden Accordion Side Tables, four Regal French Chandeliers, three Not-So-Simple Table Lamps, two Rustic Stitch-Back Armchairs, and a Sunburst Armoire

On the sixth day of Christmas…we think you get the picture

Gifting Wisteria furniture adds happy to the mixture!

With the twelfth day of Christmas coming up real swift

It’s time to check out Wisteria’s furniture as gifts!

1909 arrangement of the traditional folk melody by English composer Frederic Austin.

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Family’s coming! Get ready to serve the whole crew

If you are anything like us, you go out of your way to make each holiday more memorable for your family and friends than the last. This, of course, takes weeks of planning and decorating and days of cooking and choosing, and before you know it the holidays can become quite chaotic!

This year, Wisteria wants to help you enjoy more quality (stress-free) time with family and friends! Our Fall Entertaining board on Pinterest has numerous ideas for place settings, DIY decorations, as well as drink and food recipes the family will love. We have also added some of our favorite holiday entertaining items below—sure to look great and please the crowd.

Iron Plaques | Wisteria

Our Iron Plaques are a stylish and nifty way to give your guests placeholders. Not only do they stand out, they work well with the holiday atmosphere. Another special way to use these plaques is next to food as dish labels.

Paper Cone Tree | Wisteria

Our Paper Cone Tree is a cute and easy design family and friends will adore. Fill cones with candy and snacks next to the buffet or kids table, and guests can pick and choose as they like. Comes with nine different sets of paper cones, so you’ll be set for all celebrations in the year ahead.

Wine Bags | Wisteria

The Santa and Elf Wine Bags and Get Cheery Wine Bags are not only an adorable way to gift wine, but also a great colorful addition to your table setting.

For more ideas, tips, and items be sure visit our Pinterest page and our Entertaining collection online. Happy Holidays and Merry Entertaining!

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Elegant Entertaining

Elegant Entertaining | Holiday | Wisteria

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Still, life can get pretty hectic during the holidays with planning dinners, picking family up from the airport, rationing out beds in full houses, and working through various other adventures the holidays bring. While decorating the house and setting a memorable table can be high up on the list of things to do, they are often difficult to plan. Luckily, Wisteria has designed just about everything you would need or want to entertain a full house.

Candelabra Tealight Tree Gold | Wisteria

Every elegant table setting calls for romantic lighting. The Candelabra Tealight Tree is the perfect height for conversation and entertaining while revealing a beautiful glow, a necessity for any atmosphere.

Metallic Cross Napkins | Wisteria

The Metallic Cross Napkins are a delightful pair to the Candelabra. Its simple yet stunning design will complement any table. We think these napkins bring a little something extra to the holiday spread.

Silvered Glass Botanical Jars | Wisteria

When it comes to floral decoration, our Silvered Glass Botanical Jars are a great size and shape. Fill them with hydrangeas, chrysanthemums, or even branches from a fall colored tree. The effect these jars will have on a room is unparalleled.

Decorating for the holidays is about creating memories with loved ones. It sets the backdrop for future nostalgia. Make this season a beautiful one to remember.

Be sure to check out our fall entertaining board on Pinterest for ideas and inspiration!

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