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leslie-rascoe“I am a firm believer that any day at the beach is…well, it’s better than just about anything!

I wish I could bottle the feeling of excitement, waking before dawn with the realization that I’ve made it to my peaceful place. Before the sun even thinks about rising, I bound out the door, headed straight to the sand for a walk and exploration. I’m constantly inspired by nature, but especially by coastal areas.” – Leslie Newsom Rascoe

Over the years I’ve amassed quite a collection of artifacts from beloved beach trips. I keep these objects close to me…so close, in fact, I’ve started decorating around them!

  Going Coastal - 1

You would be hard pressed to find a room in my home without some sort of shell, rock, sea glass or driftwood. I treasure these objects for the memories they recall, but also because they invoke a feeling of organic, light-filled spaces I associate with living on the water.

Going Coastal - 2 Going Coastal - 3 Going Coastal - 4 

We are hours from the coast, yet our home could easily be transported to Nantucket, the South Carolina Lowcountry or Catalina Island. I tend to keep the interior palette white, layering in furniture pieces that complement a more relaxed, coastal feel.

Going Coastal - 5  Going Coastal - 6  

“A home should be a reflection of who you are no matter where you live, so for this beach girl, ‘Going Coastal’ is a way of life!”

Going Coastal - 7  Going Coastal - 8

Want the Coastal Look? Be inspired by our Wisteria favorites:

Seaside Welcome Entryway | Nantucket Entryway

Coastal Breeze Dining Room | Winward Retreat Dining Room | Nantucket Dining Room |  Coastal Resort Dining Room

Coastal Resort Living Room | Modern Retreat Office

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    Inviting casual & beautiful work! Thank you for sharing, Linda C

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Nautical Inspiration

Here at Wisteria we love the coast. Though we know it’s not accessible or conveniently located for most people. That’s why we’re so fond of bringing nautical style and coastal elements into home decor to create a laid-back vibe that evokes the nature and beauty of the sea. This summer we urge you to dive into this trend. Styling with anchors, distressed wood, and rope accents are easy and affordable ways to get this look. Shop all our coastal products and looks now!

Nautical Inspiration_Wisteria

Anchor’s Away Sculptures – Admiral, Port, and Crown // Hanging Porthole Mirror // Round Seaside Mirror // Mariner’s Paddles – Set of 3 // Ahab’s Mighty Moby // Nautical Rope Lantern – Small // Glass Fishing Float // Pier 39 Mirror 

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How to: Update with Pattern

Summer is on the horizon and it’s time for a change of scenery! Revamping your space doesn’t require a lot of work or time, even small swaps can completely refresh your look. As the months warm up, we love adding graphic elements, bold colors and relaxing coastal pieces to match the season. Follow this quick and easy steps to update your space.

Wisteria Trend: Graphics

Teardrop Ikat Pillow – Fire // Persepolis Pillow – Flamingo // Aquascape Wall Vitae – Aqua // Trellis Bone Box // Blue Peter Lamp

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