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Color Trend: Indigo


Who doesn’t love the color indigo? The color’s history dates back several millennia. The word indigo is Greek for India—explaining the origin of the dye. The color was so captivating that every major cultural area has incorporated some form of indigo into their earliest art forms. We don’t usually think of colors as antiques, but you will find indigo woven into Ikat textiles from Indonesia and India, in 8th century Japanese textiles known as shibori, and later on tapestries that hung in European castles. Indigo was added to paint along with lapis to color some of the earliest 7th century Roman paintings and to decorate household ceramics of the wealthy. Prized as the earliest introduction of color to what was otherwise an artist pallet of metals and organic colors, indigo was known as Blue Gold and traded with similar value.

Wisteria Ginger Jars
Happiness Pots – Set of 3

Designers are drawn to indigo. It feels like part of their genetic makeup. We subconsciously decorate with indigo or some form of the color every day. It is versatile with a unique aura that draws us in. We put on a favorite pair of blue jeans and we feel relaxed, we drape an indigo throw over an arm chair and we are drawn in, or we layer a Ming vase and a few temple jars on a flat surface in any room and we are beckoned back to a bygone era where the artist hand creates today’s heirlooms. The color is inevitably tied to timeless design.

Color Inspiration: Indigo

So, take a few moments to relax in your favorite pair of indigo jeans and browse our color inspirations on Pinterest. The use of the color, both subtle and direct, will instantly change the atmosphere.


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Color Trend: Ocean and Shell

Blue and white, ocean and shell, beach and sky—all the things that make us think of summer! From rustic to modern and artwork to textiles, here are a few of our favorite ways to get that summer feel.


 1. Add color to a room using large artwork for a dramatic effect, like our Shoreline Wall Art.

Shoreline Wall Art | Wisteria

 2. Our Happiness Pots are versatile accessories that can fit into any decor or room.

Happiness Pots

3. Add a classic item, like our stunning Moorish Chest,  to a blue and white room to balance out the look.

w1875 Moorish Chest
4. A touch of gold. Complement and add richness to a lightly colored room with our Gilt Moroccan Mirror.

t10753 Gilt Moroccan Mirror
5. Get the look and feel of the seaside with colorful coastal accessories.

Coastal Accessories | Wisteria



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Pinterest Feeds We Love

We’re all guilty of losing track of time playing around on Pinterest. Recently, we asked our design team which Pinterest pages they most love to follow—here is a peek at just a few of their favorites! Don’t forget to follow us too and find what inspires you!

Pinners We Love

Left to Right: Autumn Clemons —Autumn has great craft and DIY ideas. Her pins prove a little paint and a little fabric can go a long way. // Flourish Design —Designer Sarah Swanson has a taste for clean, white spaces, and perfectly curated accessories, making for some serious eye candy. // Katie Rosenfeld Design —Our favorite board from this Boston-based designer is “Beach.” We love finding great coastal inspiration!

Pinners we Love

Left to Right: Kelly Wearstler —Kelly is a source of inspiration for furniture design and all around style! // House Beautiful Magazine —The House Beautiful magazine, though inspiring, is limited to it’s printed pages. On Pinterest, we get unlimited and everyday access to some of the hottest design trends and awe-inpiring features. // Maria Killam —This designer loves color and it shows. Check out her board titled “Happy Colour.” // Holly Phillips @ The English Room —This page’s board is divided by room and style, making for easy browsing (and lots of re-pinning)!


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