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How To: Setting Your Summer Table

It’s that time of year to pour yourself a cold drink and invite guests for delectable summer dining experience. We all love to host, but often times it's difficult to come up with a clever (and simple) way to set your table. Whether it be an indoor or outdoor gathering, the following designer tips will help you throw your best soirée of the season!

Choose a Color Scheme

A great place to begin is deciding the color scheme you'd like to showcase. Our designers chose a vibrant yellow paired with cool blue and lush, natural greens with wooden pieces. They'd added color by including accent pillows and colorful chairs to complement the table setting.


Mix & Match 

One way to spice up your table setting is to mix textures and patterns to achieve a setting that is as casual or elegant as you’d like. Our designers used rattan placemats to contrast with a smooth white ceramic plates. They also included blue & white Chinoiserie plates with yellow gingham napkins to for a sophisticated, yet fun take on pattern mixing.


Add Fresh Flowers

Flowers are a delightful addition to any table setting. The arrangement can be as simple or as complex as you would like. Place single tulips into glass vases for a minimalistic feel, or go above and beyond with a colorful mixture of hydrangeas, gerber daisies, and garden roses. (If your table setting is lacking vibrancy, flowers are a great and simple way to add pops of color.)


Select Chic Storage

Another great tip to limit the clutter on your summer table is to have a bar cart or console set up nearby for easy access to additional dining needs. Place your colorful glasses with your favorite beverages on rattan trays and add in fresh flowers to set up the perfect spot to grab a quick drink without having to escape to the kitchen.


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Dallas Blogger’s Fresh Wisteria Dining Room

Dallas blogger, Kate, of Lonestar Southern, began her blog as a simple college assignment, and it has now developed into an inspirational mega-blog about Southern styles and trends with Texas flair. Kate partnered with our Wisteria Dallas team in Inwood Village to design her new dining room nook, and the results are gorgeous! Read on to see how she themed her space with some of our favorite pieces.

Kate loves how the Disappearing Dining Table opens up her room. "Since my dining area is on the smaller side, this see-through dining table was a perfect fit. Its translucent nature adds a modern feel while keeping the space from looking too cluttered and boxed off, while the classic chairs and beautiful ginger jar motifs add a sense of timelessness that I love," Kate said.

The room is pulled together with the Patterned Pot Wall Art and Elaborate Chinese Platter Wall Art pieces, completing the blue and white theme, which was inspired by the Wisteria Dallas Inwood Village store. "Seeing how gorgeously the Wisteria team wove those two shades throughout their space made an instant impression on me. Classic blue and white for the win!" Kate said.

Our hand-painted Happiness Pots and Longevity Jar compose a stunning centerpiece that show off fresh spring blooms. These blue and white colors complement and refresh the pink theme that continues throughout the rest of Kate's apartment.

“As a Dallas native, my mom and I have always loved wandering into the Wisteria store on Lovers Lane. Even before I moved into a place of my own, it was always my favorite showroom to wander through and dream about how I would decorate one day! The store on Lovers Lane does a beautiful job displaying each piece in the most beautiful way, and you’ll find the staff to be so accommodating and gracious,” Kate said.

“Apart from the beautiful designs that Wisteria produces, I absolutely love the heart behind the brand. A quick click to the ‘about’ page will show you just what I mean… Wisteria seeks to support many nonprofits that are making important differences across the world.”

Kate also debuted a collection by Cabana Life, a brand that stands for something very important - sun safety. Cabana Life carries sun protective clothing that have become a staple for fashion from the sand to sidewalk. Their collections contain 50+ UPF clothing, including bathing suits, dresses, hats, cover-ups, tunics, shirts and pants for boys, girls and women. Even more incredible than their collection is the story behind this brand.

Melissa Papock, the founder of Cabana Life, found out she had cancer at the age of 26. "At the time of her melanoma diagnosis, she was your typical fashion-conscious New Yorker," Cabana Life said. "Having worked as a merchandising expert for top fashion and beauty magazines including Vogue, Vanity Fair, Allure, Marie Claire, Self, Seventeen and O (The Oprah Magazine), she thought she knew all the latest fashion trends. She was shocked when her dermatologist told her to wear 'sun protective clothing,' because lightweight clothing wasn't protecting her as much as she thought."

Alyssa Adams, former Director of Merchandising at Vanity Fair, learned about Melissa's story, which resonated with her due to her own family history of melanoma. The two entrepreneurs began a journey to start a new trend, making sun protection fashionable. At that moment, Cabana Life was born.

Kate's picks include pieces with classic stripes to various pops of colors.  “Cabana Life boasts a gorgeous collection of resort-ready wear to take you everywhere from the pool to dinner out on the town! The quality of these pieces is truly incredible… my jaw dropped when I opened my order! If ‘sun protective clothing’ scared you off, just take a look at the pieces I’m packing up for a sunny getaway this weekend!” she said.

Head over to Lonestar Southern to read the full post about our collaboration with Kate and Cabana Life!

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Style Trend: Captivated by Cane-Back

For a style that first appeared in the 1660s, the cane-back design is still a popular option for home furnishings. We love the open and airy appeal of this classic style, especially how it goes so well with any kind of decor. Whether it's bar stools, lounge chairs, or our fan favorite Chateau and Louis chairs, cane-back furniture always impresses us. Keep scrolling for a few looks at how we like to style our favorite cane-back chairs.

Set a simple country scene with our Chateau Cane-Back Chair and garden-inspired decor.

A traditionally elegant piece, our French Cane-Back Settee is given an understated, rustic look with a cane-back and natural linen.

Two Linen and Cane-Back Chairs balance a serene scene when paired with a traditional chest and elegant mirrors.

The Halle Cane-Back Chair is begging for someone to curl up in it and enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the sun.

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Color Trend: Hello, Yellow!

It's bright, cheery, and the color of summer, so why do people tend to steer clear of incorporating yellow into their homes and personal style? We love the warmth and welcoming nature of yellow (plus, it just makes us happy to see around the house!). These are some of our favorite ways to bring splashes of yellow into our homes.


We're going to go all in with the best, brightest, and boldest! It may seem risky at first, but adding a yellow sofa or chair can really bring out the character of a space. It makes an unmistakable statement that defines your decor. One thing is for sure: incorporating bold yellow furniture into your home means you know what you like and aren't afraid to show it!

Pillows POP

If "look at me" statements aren't for you, then consider adding yellow to your decor in smaller doses. A yellow pillow or two (or three, or four...) stands out on any other color and brings in the right amount of sunshine to balance a room. We especially love how yellow and blue coordinate so well together within a space.

FABULOUS Floral Motifs

The most natural and unassuming way to include yellow in your decor is through floral prints. Whether they're on a pillow, in a vase, or part of your wall decor, yellow flowers bring lots of life and energy into a home.

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Top 10 Best of Blue & White

With Chinese New Year on our minds, we’re excited to share 10 posts that showcase the innovative ways Instagrammers utilize our popular blue and white Chinese ceramics to emphasize their personal style. From dining rooms and powder rooms to kitchens and patios, these Instagrammers wowed us with their creative incorporation of classic blue and white pottery.

@thelushlist coordinates our Hand-painted Chinese Lidded Jar with her cushions for an extra burst of blue and white at the dining table. The bright flowers complement this vase beautifully!

@studiomcgee shows us that these aren’t just decorative pots! The Happiness Pot showcases gorgeous Cherry Blossoms for the perfect Chinese aesthetic.

Who these classic blue and white patterns have to be confined to just ceramics? @jilliankup_interiors uses our Chinese Pottery Bloom Wall Art to add a big splash of Chinese décor to her bathroom wall space.

Combining prints and pottery, @kmcinteriors coordinates her tablescape with our Hand-painted Chinese Lidded Jar, which pairs perfectly with our Chinese Pottery Prints hanging on the wall.

Petite and functional, @kathryncbecker shows that our Chinese Bud Vases are perfect for a holiday succulent display.

@elevengables anchors a classical table setting with our Happiness Pot Set. They add just the right touch of color and elegance to her dining table.

Add bright color and unique patterns to your patio with our Hand-painted Cache Pot à la @pencilandpaperco

Liven up a cozy reading or tea table with our petite pot. @heathersrefinement shows us how this piece can bring a sweet setting together.

Beautiful all on its own, @lonestarsouthern uses blue and white as a stylish accent by her entertainment center.

@lonestarsouthern also gives us an example of how these pieces can be incorporated into artistic nooks, coordinating with framed artwork.

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