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Deck the Halls: Our Holiday Collections

When I was a kid, my two favorite things to do during the holidays was watch my Aunt Julie set up our Christmas Village, and decorate the Christmas tree. Each year my Mom would give us a special ornament that we would add to the tree. Each year when we opened them back up, the memories of Christmas past came flooding into the room.

Wisteria Holiday Collections

The beauty of a special ornament every year is in the memories. Who gave it to you, what reminded them of you when they picked it out, and how it felt adding the special gift to your tree for the very first time. Each of our four collections this Christmas have a variety of unique and memorable ornaments.

Candy Cane Ornaments | Wisteria

The Holly Jolly Holiday collection has a set of Hiking to The North critters for the adventurous loved one, Dashing Through The Snow Critters for the ones in your life who love to ski, and Candy Cane ornaments for a unique first Christmas. Our Pine Over Santa’s and Felt Stocking ornaments are also a great idea for decorating the table or gift under the tree.

Gold on Silver Ornaments | Wisteria

Wisteria’s Spiritual Tidings Tradition has a few classic ornaments as well. The Milagro Nativity ornaments and Gold Sacred Heart ornaments are a beautiful and distinctive addition to your Christmas tree. Our Glass Jewel and Glam Glitter ornaments add an unparalleled sparkle to the tree once the Christmas lights are turned on. Another great pick is our Gold on Silver ornaments that add a classic feel to any tree.

Retro Morning Christmas | Wisteria

This year Wisteria has introduced a new Christmas look to the Christmas catalog. Our Retro Christmas Morning selection has a variety of familiar and colorful ornaments. As a kid, I remember looking at my grandmother’s tree in wonder at her retro collection. Wisteria took these nostalgic memories and recreated the Silver Drop ornaments, Multi-Colored Mod ornaments, Classic Top ornaments, and Classic Bell ornaments. They also designed the Silvered Finial Drops for a little extra shine and sparkle.

Glass Seahorse Ornaments | Wisteria

Wisteria’s final Christmas look is Coastal Christmas. Whether you live near the coast, are celebrating on the coast, or love the coast—Wisteria has designed a number of lovely choices. Our new Starfish ornaments, By The Sea Shore ornaments, and Glass Seahorse ornaments give a new meaning to the coastal look. The As Cold As Ice ornaments and Classy and Glassy ornaments will light up the tree as well.

So, when your holiday spirits are high, go check out our Christmas collections online and our various Holiday boards on Pinterest!

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Iconic Spanish Design

We all knew Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492, but how often do we think about Columbus styling his home? If Columbus were still alive today he would probably honor his roots with a few traditional pieces of Spanish design.

Brown Moorish Chest | Wisteria

After the Moorish conquest in 711 AD, Spanish design was heavily impacted by Moorish influence. Even after Spain regained full control from the moors in 1492, the Moorish style still remained. Wisteria’s Moorish Brown Chest is a great reminder of the influence and we suspect Columbus would fall just in love with the chest, as we have.

Quatrefoil Bone Mirror | Wisteria

The quatrefoil pattern was another iconic design that was used heavily all over Europe in gothic architecture. Wisteria’s Quatrefoil Bone Mirror is a great example of a modernized gothic characteristic. Columbus would have been familiar with this look—encountering the pattern at cathedrals and perhaps even Ferdinand’s castle.

Sacred Family Creche Triptych | Wisteria

Later in history, The Baroque style swept through Spain as an extremely decorative trend. The geometric and classical aesthetic of the Renaissance gave way to ornate twists and elaborate design. Wisteria’s new Sacred Family Crèche Triptych conveys traditional Baroque style and adds a bit of Christmas at the same time.

So, if you feel a little festive and want to celebrate Columbus Day with a bang, we suggest one of these Spanish inspired pieces to adorn your home.

Moorish Brown Chest // Quatrefoil Bone Mirror // Sacred Family Crèche Triptych

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Classics: Ebony & Ivory

Black and white movies have a romance to them. Whether we watched them as kids or watched them with our kids, the absence of color represents a timeless nostalgia for the past. Black and white movies are classics; they embody a specific type of simplicity. They don’t have a vibrant flair they have a muted sophistication.


The beauty of black and white furniture is it can be swapped around the house as easily as a book or knick-knack, which makes black and white choices great investments—in particular when it comes to furniture. When you look to adopt a new piece in your home, you look for quality and timelessness. A piece like our Moorish Chest has a timeless presence to it. The chest would look just as good in a modern room as it would in a traditional home.

Black Bowfront Chest | Wisteria

Wisteria’s Black Bowfront Chest is reflective of great design and would look perfect anywhere. The chest can be placed in an entryway, living room, or office just as easily as it could be placed in a bedroom. Its classic design transitions well into multiple aesthetics.

Beijing Vases | Wisteria

Sometimes a simple vase or urn can complete a look. Wisteria’s Beijing Vases are versatile. They differ in silhouette, but are conveniently undemanding in design and color.

Our Ebony and Ivory board on Pinterest offers insight on various designs that introduce black and white furniture. Additionally, the board shows instances in which black and white furniture can act as an accent piece or “the” piece in a room. Get inspired!

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Color Trend: Indigo

Color Trend: Indigo

Who doesn’t love the color indigo? The color’s history dates back several millennia. The word indigo is Greek for India—explaining the origin of the dye. The color was so captivating that every major cultural area has incorporated some form of indigo into their earliest art forms. We don’t usually think of colors as antiques, but you will find indigo woven into Ikat textiles from Indonesia and India, in 8th century Japanese textiles known as shibori, and later on tapestries that hung in European castles. Indigo was added to paint along with lapis to color some of the earliest 7th century Roman paintings and to decorate household ceramics of the wealthy. Prized as the earliest introduction of color to what was otherwise an artist pallet of metals and organic colors, indigo was known as Blue Gold and traded with similar value.

Wisteria Ginger Jars
Happiness Pots – Set of 3

Designers are drawn to indigo. It feels like part of their genetic makeup. We subconsciously decorate with indigo or some form of the color every day. It is versatile with a unique aura that draws us in. We put on a favorite pair of blue jeans and we feel relaxed, we drape an indigo throw over an arm chair and we are drawn in, or we layer a Ming vase and a few temple jars on a flat surface in any room and we are beckoned back to a bygone era where the artist hand creates today’s heirlooms. The color is inevitably tied to timeless design.

Color Inspiration: Indigo

So, take a few moments to relax in your favorite pair of indigo jeans and browse our color inspirations on Pinterest. The use of the color, both subtle and direct, will instantly change the atmosphere.

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Color Trend: Indigo and Ebony

Our classic blue and white combo gets a fall refresh with some black accents mixed in. Indigo and ebony is this season’s neutral palette that leads to many style possibilities. Here, we’ve used the dark duo in an open white room to keep a light, airy feel. Greenery on the ottoman and console brings some life into the crisp setting.

Indigo Infusion Living Room - Wisteria

Shop the Indigo Infusion Living Room

Our assortment of hand-dyed linen pillow covers make it easy to infuse blues into any room. The patterns are visually stimulating and the gradations ensure easy matching.

Indigo and White Tie Dye Throw Pillows

Circle Tie-Dye Pillow // Ombre Burst Pillow // Ombre Pillow – True Blue // Polka Dot Ombre Pillow

There are so many ways to interpret this color combo into your own look: a black accent table paired with a denim sofa, blue and white pottery, or iron geometric sconces. Always pair with a lighter tone for a dynamic contrast.

Indigo and Black Home Decor and Furnishings

Kerouac Sofa – Denim // Graphic Throw – Eternal Knot // Ombre Pillow – True Blue // Moroccan Table – Black // Serendipity Stool // Austin Chair – Navy Velvet // Geometric Sconces // Ming Console Table

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