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Product Spotlight

Stylish Storage: Our Reclaimed Wood Hutch – Small

Seeking stylish storage? Look no further—we’ve got the perfect piece for you! We’ve taken one of our most popular pieces and slimmed it down, making this storage unit even more versatile.

Constructed of recycled wood and iron, our Reclaimed Wood Hutch is modeled after early 20th-century cabinets that were once used in vintage-era banker’s offices. Though its façade is faceted with what appears to be several small drawers, this piece actually features five bottom drawers and two top slim drawers built into the iron frame—perfect to store small-scale items.

Stylish Storage: Our Reclaimed Wood Hutch – Small | Wisteria

Multifunctional, this piece can be used in a variety of settings. With an abundance of drawers and shelving, this hutch works well in the kitchen to store dinnerware and dining accessories, or in the living room to hold blankets and tchotchkes. We especially like the idea of using this piece in the study to hold office supplies—harkening back to its origin of use.

Stylish Storage: Our Reclaimed Wood Hutch – Small | Wisteria

Whether you’re seeking a storage solution or would like to update your current storage situation, our Reclaimed Wood Hutch gets the job done without sacrificing style. Need more storage space? Check out the larger version here.


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The Bright Idea: Our Moorish Bone Pendant

“Create your own visual style…let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.” – Orson Welles

Characterized by intricate carvings and sinuous arches, it’s no surprise Moroccan design has had a long history of influencing other cultures. Though, most of what is described today as Moroccan design has its origins in Moorish architecture. During the 16th century, Mughal princes brought exotic Moorish designs from North Africa to the Indian subcontinent, an influence still prominent today. Inspired by this long-standing design technique, rich in cultural traditions and history, we’ve created this Moorish Bone Pendant.

 The Bright Idea: Our Moorish Bone Pendant| Wisteria

An in-house design, this pendant features 1,000 hand-carved bone pieces in a barbed quatrefoil shape. Each piece is inlaid by hand, a tedious process resulting in an organic masterpiece. The elegant brass detailing adds a traditional touch to its modern design; a large globe light bulb works well to highlight these features. Stately and shapely, this fixture makes for a great focal point in any setting, and the neutral tone blends well with any style décor. We’ve found it to be a perfect fit alongside our Maharaja’s Bookcase, and as an obvious statement piece hung above our Disappearing Dining Table.

The Bright Idea: Our Moorish Bone Pendant | Wisteria

A word from our Head Designer:

“I love this piece because it’s so multifaceted. It’s organic (bone), it’s modern (shape), and it’s neutral (color) so it works in many different settings.”

This pendant will shed a little light while delivering a world-traveled flair to a space. We’ve got the bright idea—do you?

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Sea the Light: Our Rustic Gondola Lantern

Perhaps one of the most romanticized images is of a gondolier sporting his striped top and black pants, navigating couples through the canals of Venice. Though, as much as we’d love to hop on the next flight and spend the night touring Italy by boat—a gondola to be specific—we’ll settle for the next best thing: our Rustic Gondola Lantern.

The gondola originated in Venice, Italy—a city on a series of six islands at the edge of the Adriatic Sea. The streets of Venice are actually waterways for boat traffic, making this one of the most intriguing cities in the world. Gondolas have been around for centuries, guided by the light of their distinct lanterns.

When we saw the gondola lantern our Style Director owns, we were instantly captivated by its history, its story, and we knew we needed to recreate this piece to share with you. Made of metal, this lantern features a charming, hand-painted patina that delivers a true antique look. Originals would have been hung on a pole attached to the gondola. We’ve stayed true to the design by including a ring, so you can hang it on a covered patio while you watch the subtle glow of a tealight or small pillar candle through the glass panels. Ours also has feet so you can stand it on a tabletop.

However you choose to showcase this lantern, it will bring a bit of romance into your home for years to come.


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Everything Old Is New Again: Our Antique Moroccan Sconce

There is a saying that an antique is anything old with class, and we find this to be true of our Antique Moroccan Sconce.

Wisteria has always been influenced by unique, worldly items—some that have an intriguing story or interesting history and some that don’t. And sometimes we are able to create meaning and beauty by giving new life to existing pieces. Every Antique Moroccan Sconce is made from a collected antique mirror, revived with a simple iron candleholder, giving each one a completely unique identity—varying in size, color, and style. This sconce features an emblematic Moroccan arch, a distinct characteristic of Moroccan architecture and design. Made of wood, this antique piece has a naturally weathered and distressed façade that is an organic result of its age. The subtle flicker of a flame from a small pillar or tealight candle will accentuate its heirloom quality—and your wall space.

| Wisteria

Style Tip

Our sconces are sold separately, but we recommend buying multiples—especially with these—to create a curated gallery wall. Alongside the right pieces, our Antique Moroccan Sconce will deliver an antiquarian feel to a wall space and leave you reveling in its rustic charm. We chose our Rajasthani Mirror and our Moroccan Repeating Mirror for a complete Marrakesh look.

Everything Old Is New Again: Our Antique Moroccan Sconce| Wisteria

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Worldly, Sophisticated: Our Rajasthani Mirror

At Wisteria, we are constantly being inspired by pieces we find around the world. When we travel, we are on a hunt to find pieces that will awaken our creativity and, hopefully, will be treasured by you for years to come—like our Rajasthani Mirror.


Woodworking is a skill artisans in India have been perfecting since the rule of the British Empire. British Colonial design still has a strong influence on furniture crafted in Rajasthan and other regions of India. Handcrafted by skilled artisans in Jodhpur that have been doing woodworking for quite some time, this mango wood mirror is hand-carved with an ornate British Colonial design that will deliver worldly sophistication to a wall space. The white washed finish delivers a reflective quality, making this piece light and airy. This mirror is proof of the fine skill and craftsmanship of woodworking. Each time you gaze into this looking glass, the intricate details will leave you ogling at its beauty—maybe more so than yourself.


For a Well-Traveled Look:

Need a little inspiration on how to tie our Rajasthani Mirror into your décor? We suggest creating a salon wall surrounding the mirror using a few of our Antique Moroccan Sconces and our Moroccan Repeating Mirror. Moroccan Mirror and Sconce | Wisteria

For a complete Marrakesh look, our Burmese Coffee Table is a great foundation piece to tie everything together.


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