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4 Ways to Make Your Space Feel like Home

Ah, home. It's the place that has the ability to make us feel at ease simply by hearing the mere utter of the word. The idea of it embodies comfort, relaxation, and warmth. The question is: How can you create a space that feels as cozy as the thought of "home"?

Here are four tips:

1. Include Diffusers & Candles

The sense of smell is highly linked to memory. Scents can mentally take us back to various times and places. Take advantage of this, and incorporate diffusers or candles that ignite special memories or feelings.

Sydney Smith-image-1531758432028
Sydney Smith-image-1531758522413

2. Treat Yourself with Trays

You can never have enough trays in your home. Their versatility makes them the best accessory to have in a room. Use one as a bar cart, welcoming guests by showcasing light bites and cocktails. Use another to treat yourself to a little breakfast in bed. Does anything feel cozier than breakfast in bed?

3. Frame the Family

Photos of family and close friends sprinkled around your space can be the key to making a house feel like a home. Use the opportunity to collect beautiful frames that complement your decor.

4. Pick the Perfect Pottery

According to Chinese traditions, newlyweds were often presented with intricate, blue vases bearing the Chinese symbol for happiness. Legend has it that they would bring happiness into your home for years to come. Add a little happiness to your new living space by including blue and white pottery. On their own, these pots are beautiful and a great decorative addition to your home, but they can also work as a vases for a vibrant flower arrangement.

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How-To: Make the Most of Small Living Spaces

What if we told you that you can make your apartment or dorm space look twice as big? There's an art to finding pieces that can transform a small living space into an area that feels double the size. The key is knowing what type of products to include and how to include them.

Deck Out Your Desk

A desk serves an array of purposes in college. It’s where you eat dinner, watch Netflix, put on your makeup and even where you fall asleep after studying into the wee hours of the night. Desks somehow always manage to take up space and appear bulky in small rooms. Choose an Acrylic desk to fix this problem! Their lucite qualities blend into your room seamlessly.

Utilize Multipurpose Pieces

It’s important to make the most of your space when you’re living in a dorm or apartment, therefore, having versatile furniture is vital. Think about breaking up space and putting a console table in your room. You can place a stylish lamp, decorative accessories, or even a television on the top of the console while utilizing the drawers below for storage. You can choose a sleek, modern look or a more classic, wooden approach, to add style to your room.

Choose Sleek Storage

Having trouble keeping things neat and orderly in your small space? Add in a side table with storage capabilities to help with preventing clutter. Our designers recommend hiding things away in the drawers, displaying accessories on the shelves, and using the top surface for a lamp.

Reflect on Mirrors

By creating an illusion of larger space, mirrors are magical additions to a room. Add a mirror to an entryway, or an empty wall above your couch or a seating area to create more depth in the place. Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, so use a mirror as a way to express the style you'd like to achieve for any given room.

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Top 5 Must-Have Handmade Products

For our latest collection, our designers highlighted elegance with an organic twist. Many products at Wisteria are handmade, but within this collection, our designers have five pieces that they believe stand out among the rest! Here are our top five must-have handmade pieces from our new collection:

1. Bone Inlay Desk

This marvelous desk was inspired by ancient Islamic geometric design. Originally, the bone inlay details stood to portray unity and order, and that same message is present in our Bone Inlay Desk. In this piece, the elaborate and intricate details seen throughout the piece are hand-cut and hand-laid pieces of bone. The stark cream of the bone contrasts with the richness of the wood, creating a perfect harmony. This handmade desk is an eye-catcher in any room and with its unique beauty, it is easy to see why it is on our designers top five handmade product list.

2. Live Edge Teak Coffee Table

Our hand-carved Live Edge Teak Coffee Table is a showstopper! Exclusive to Wisteria, this coffee table brings the outdoors in. Aiming to maintain the natural curvature of the teak wood, this piece brings organic character to any room. Our designers love the amazing growth rings visible in the teak of this piece, allowing the piece to tell its unique story.

3. Burl and Brass Chest of Drawers

Exclusive to Wisteria, our Burl and Brass Chest of Drawers is a sleek piece that is the result of a somewhat odd natural occurrence. Burl wood occurs when a tree is under stress. From that stress, the unique attributes of the wood are formed. Craftsmen must sculpt and polish the burl wood in order for this piece to come to life. Our handmade Burl and Brass Chest of Drawers is a prime example of the beauty that come from within, both ourselves and nature.

4. Amora Armchair

Our minimalistic Amora Armchair is a wonderful blend of wood and rattan. The contrast between the woven rattan and the sleek teak wood creates an organic, yet contemporary vibe radiating from this piece. This versatile piece is a great addition to any home, and alongside its functionality, the handmade nature of the piece brings even more pizzazz to the chair.

5. Roller Pin Mirror

Many remember their mother or grandmothers standing in the kitchen with their roller pin ready and eager to bake the day away. Now, you can bring those happy memories into your space in a new way, with our Roller Pin Mirror. This handmade piece consists of natural wood roller pins with each individual pin, consisting of a different shade of wood, allowing for a vibrant texture to the piece. Hand constructed, each pin is shaped from reclaimed wood making each piece a handmade treasure.

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How To: Setting Your Summer Table

It’s that time of year to pour yourself a cold drink and invite guests for delectable summer dining experience. We all love to host, but often times it's difficult to come up with a clever (and simple) way to set your table. Whether it be an indoor or outdoor gathering, the following designer tips will help you throw your best soirée of the season!

Choose a Color Scheme

A great place to begin is deciding the color scheme you'd like to showcase. Our designers chose a vibrant yellow paired with cool blue and lush, natural greens with wooden pieces. They'd added color by including accent pillows and colorful chairs to complement the table setting.


Mix & Match 

One way to spice up your table setting is to mix textures and patterns to achieve a setting that is as casual or elegant as you’d like. Our designers used rattan placemats to contrast with a smooth white ceramic plates. They also included blue & white Chinoiserie plates with yellow gingham napkins to for a sophisticated, yet fun take on pattern mixing.


Add Fresh Flowers

Flowers are a delightful addition to any table setting. The arrangement can be as simple or as complex as you would like. Place single tulips into glass vases for a minimalistic feel, or go above and beyond with a colorful mixture of hydrangeas, gerber daisies, and garden roses. (If your table setting is lacking vibrancy, flowers are a great and simple way to add pops of color.)


Select Chic Storage

Another great tip to limit the clutter on your summer table is to have a bar cart or console set up nearby for easy access to additional dining needs. Place your colorful glasses with your favorite beverages on rattan trays and add in fresh flowers to set up the perfect spot to grab a quick drink without having to escape to the kitchen.


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#WisteriaXAkola: A Giveaway for Good

Want a chance to win items featured in our Akola Home photoshoot? The sweepstakes lasts through Tuesday, June 12. You can learn more about how to win HERE.

Since the days when Wisteria was merely an idea that Andrew and Shannon Newsom were dreaming of, they had a desire to share the unique treasures they found around the globe with others. At the same time, they also wanted to find a way to help make the world a better place—Wisteria reflects their aspirations to be good people and do good work. Early on they recognized they needed to surround themselves with creative minds to help them develop the best products and unique designs that couldn’t be found anywhere else.

This passion for bringing together philanthropic efforts and beautiful, unique treasures is what inspired the collaboration with the Akola Project. Akola was founded by Wisteria's friend, Brittany Merrell Underwood, who was moved to compassion after traveling to Uganda for a mission trip and meeting a Ugandan woman named Sarah who cared for 24 street children in her home. Compassion escalated to action as Brittany founded a nonprofit to construct an orphanage home to house children who slept on Sarah’s floor. Upon graduating college, Brittany moved to Uganda to begin the construction of the orphanage and the drilling of over 20 water wells throughout the country.

Today, Akola, through partnerships with Wisteria, Neiman Marcus and others, is a thriving, growing, 100% impact business. Wisteria is a proud supporter and partner of Akola, and we are excited to launch a new and exclusive collection: Akola Home. We're celebrating this launch with a giveaway of products from the Akola Home photoshoot valued over $1,800! Here are some of the items you could win:

Rajasthani Pergola Tent

This is an authentic outdoor tent and serves as a perfect place to host your next intimate gathering. Set the scene for an afternoon picnic, a magical birthday party, or a romantic dinner for two by stringing white lights around the exterior, or hanging a dramatic chandelier in the center. The interior is white cotton, with a stunning blue design on the ceiling that has been hand block-printed.

Striped Pillows Covers

Akola's pillows are not only cushy and comfortable, but also unique and luxurious. Each is completely handmade, from weaving and dying the cotton to applying each little detail, even down to the signature, bronze Akola logo.

Ivory Napkins

Handcrafted from sturdy, 100% cotton, these handsome dinner napkins are understated, yet elegant.

Placemats with Tassels

Hand-woven from raffia and cotton, these placemats stand out among the other place-settings as an extraordinary and space-changing treasure.

Horn Vase & Coasters

Made from the found horns of the Ankole longhorn cattle, these vases and coasters create a sculptural element in your space.

Gaby Guajardo-image-1527188977565

Akola Collar Hex Necklace

Signature hand-rolled Karatasi paper beads with an exclusive Akola gold hexagon pendant create this beautiful statement piece.

Gaby Guajardo-image-1527188770172

Mae & Nico Earrings

For this collection, Akola trained and employed women in Uganda to dye and braid raffia, which is then used to wrap beads and create tassels, such as the ones used in these playful earrings.

Gaby Guajardo-image-1527188878789
Gaby Guajardo-image-1527188873509

Zoya Bracelet

Hand-rolled Karatasi paper beads and gold discs form each piece. Every bracelet purchased allows a family a day of rent and utilities in Uganda.

Gaby Guajardo-image-1527189307488

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