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Gray Malin’s Breathtaking Master Suite Redesign, featuring Wisteria

When you’re Gray Malin, U.S. fine art photographer and New York Times bestselling author, your house needs to be photoshoot-worthy, and the master suite is no exception. When he purchased a new Los Angeles home several months ago, he knew the space needed to be special. So he teamed up with interior design company Homepolish and found the perfect designer for the project – Shana Wardle of Sloane & Studio Interiors.

“Gray is a storyteller, so before even meeting him, my goal was to create a room that felt warm, inviting and full of micro-moments,” Shana says. “Thus, I was so excited to hear him say - patterns please! He knew he wanted to juxtapose various patterns from a similar color-family, and the room had blue written all over it in my mind.”

“Considering it was the master bedroom and a place where I spend a considerable amount of time, I decided to go all out on this project,” he says. And that he did, carefully selecting luxury pieces that worked with the space and theme, including two Wisteria bestsellers.

Over the next six months, Gray and Shana worked to bring their vision to life: universal coastal vibe, inspired by Gray’s love of the beach, the primary subject of his photography. Shana brought a light and airy, blue and white ambiance to life via patterns, textures, a cool color palette and, of course, Gray’s own photography.

Featured prominently on either side of the bed is Wisteria’s own Pagoda Mirror in white, which is reminiscent of traditional Chippendale design and Asian-inspired architecture.

Just to the right of the entrance, take a peek inside the walk-in closet and you’ll catch a glimpse of our three Happiness Pots, beautiful representations of traditional Chinese blue and white pottery. Here, they are artistically grouped and bursting with bright and colorful flora.

Two of the three pots are also used in the bedroom, decorating a white shelf and matching perfectly with our Hand-Painted Chinese Cache Pot, an exquisite vessel for lively green palm plants nearby.

Gray notes that pieces from Wisteria and a few other select companies are “represented in other rooms in the house, which I feel brings a continuous flow throughout our home’s overall design.”

While this was the largest personal design project he’d ever taken on, Gray says, “I can wholeheartedly say that the effort that was put into each and every inch of this room was 100% worth it.” We couldn’t agree more.

For more details, visit Gray Malin's Blog

Photos taken by Homepolish

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Top 10 Designer Picks Under $100

Whether you’re looking for some small touches to spruce up your home or Christmas gifts that will make an impression, our designers have selected pieces from our new arrivals that will work perfectly.

1. Glass Jewelry Stand – Tall $99

Displays beloved baubles elegantly and makes it easy to find the exact piece you’re looking for each morning.

2. Hand-Cast Woodlands Bracket – Stag $89

Forest creatures are given a modern look while providing support for a variety of treasures.

See online for additional styles

3. Paper Mache Bowl $49

Handmade of natural materials to mimic the rustic, time honored tradition of paper mache.

4. Oatmeal Linen Coral Hand Towel $25

Fine linen adds some seaside charm in an easily coordinated neutral color palette.

5. Modern Italianate Candlestick – Modeno $34

Hand-carved bleached wood brings a rustic elegance to a table or hearth.

See online for additional styles

6. Embroidered Chinese Pottery Dinner Napkins $59

Feature traditional blue and white Chinese pottery details for a historically beautiful touch. Set of 4

7. Seeded Tea Glass – Cobalt $12

Brings a splash of rich blue to any table setting. Mouth-blown bubbles add texture.

8. Decorative Glass Orb $59

Adds a touch of magic, indoors or outside. Perfect displayed inside on a stand or in your garden.

9. First Thanksgiving Candles $24

Remember the history of Thanksgiving with this set of candles. Perfect for lighting dinner or providing decoration. Set of 4

10. Linen Starfish Cocktail Napkins $34

Clean, white linen with underwater accent. Creates an elegantly coastal aesthetic in a neutral color palette. Set of 4

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3 Frighteningly Easy, Halloween-Inspired Decor Ideas

The spookiest time of the year is right around the corner, and dressing up is a major part of the festivities. But don’t leave your home out of the fun! We’ve got 3 Halloween-inspired ways to give your home a decor refresh so good, it’s scary.


Haunted houses wouldn’t be the same without the surprise of a missing reflection. Mirrors with antiqued glass and spider web-inspired frames provide the perfect opportunity for a fright.





Our Acrylic Ghost pieces are elegantly “invisible” and fit any aesthetic. Place a bowl of ghoulish treats on the pedestal, and a stack of horror stories on the table nearby.



Let your furniture take on a different persona this fall. Slipcovers are an easy way to infuse older pieces with a new spirit.


With just a few eerily strategic additions to your home decor, you can ensure this October is shockingly memorable.

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5 Ways to Create a Wall Art Gallery

You’ve picked out the perfect furniture and even found a few accent pieces to bring it all together, but something’s still missing. Your eyes look up, and you see it: an empty wall, begging for artwork. You know you should fill the space, but you might be wondering where to begin when creating your own gallery wall. At Wisteria, we believe the best place to start is with inspiration. Here are five design ideas to spark your creativity.

1. Hang High with Frames Flush

One gallery wall trick to make a space feel taller is to hang your wall art a little higher than eye level. It draws the gaze up, giving the illusion of higher ceilings. And for a contemporary design element, let frames sit flush against one another. A collection of four matching pieces works well for this.

TIP: Choose vertical pieces with similar colors that are part of the same collection.

2. Scatter on a Coffered Wall

Art doesn’t have to hang on flat walls anymore. A new trend we love is incorporating a coffered wall or even bookcases or built-in cabinetry as the backdrop to your wall art gallery.

TIP: Scatter pieces of various sizes and subjects at different heights, but keep things in harmony with a matching color palette.

3. Curate a Mix of Themes & Sizes

Tell your guests a little about yourself with an assortment of pieces featured as a collection. The goal here is to take what inspires you and display it for all to see.

TIP: Mix subjects, orientation (vertical and horizontal), and mediums, while balancing the look with matching frames or by sticking to one color palette.

4. Add Dimension with a Mirror

If you like a more minimalistic look, a monochromatic collection of the same subject and medium is cool and contemporary for your wall art gallery. Make sure, however, to bring in some dimension. An easy way to achieve this is a split grouping with a mirror in the middle.

TIP: Hang pieces symmetrically for a clean design. Also, remember your monochromatic theme when choosing a mirror – this ensures the mirror is part of the ensemble.

5. Choose Neutrals for Large Spaces

To cover an especially large wall space, you’ll need quite a few pieces. To prevent overwhelming the eye, choose a collection with the same subject matter in neutral colors. This allows you to sufficiently adorn the space without being too obtrusive.

TIP: Arrange these pieces in a grid or symmetrically to keep the collection understated and allow other design elements nearby to stand out.

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