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Q&A with Carolyne Roehm

In celebration of Carolyne Roehm's latest publication, Design & Style: A Constant Thread, we chatted with her about how she fell in love with fashion and design, where she finds inspriation, and her favorite advice from over the years.


In your new book, Design & Style: A Constant Thread, you share details from your life story for the first time in print. What inspired you to do that?


I had never written about my age-long desire to be a fashion designer. I loved designing, and after a certain success, I encountered a period of tragedy and great sadness. Because of this, I made the decision to shut down my business, and that broke my heart. I completely walked away from anything to do with fashion. Time helps cure and finally I decided some 25 years later to revisit that time, and thus this new book that encompasses all aspects of my creative life, weaving them into my constant thread of design.


When did you first know you wanted to enter the world of design and fashion?


When I was in elementary school, I saw a movie where a character actually played dress-up and created clothes and accessories as a job. That taught me about the idea of being a designer.


Where do you find inspiration in your everyday life?


Nature is the grand teacher. We learn about line, proportion, texture, pattern and, above all else, magnificent color. I love working with color because it is fun and fascinating. The only thing I love more is playing with my dogs and growing flowers. A walk in the garden with my pups is without a doubt a joy.


What interior design look or theme do you see trending in 2019?


I have been saying this and hoping for the last 10 years that we do not lose the great artisans who have created so much beauty in the past. I am a classicist, and the rich design vocabulary of other times should not be discarded because it is not modern. I hope to see a stronger and better integration of the past with the present. No design is created in a vacuum. It is built upon the shoulders of previous creation. Thank God, I am so bored with plain white walls, with little character, and splashes of modern paint as wall decor with huge TV screens. I could do a dissertation on this subject!


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?


I believe with all of my soul and my mind that the most important gift we have beyond our health is enthusiasm and curiosity and, of course, the ability to love.

Images // @carolyneroehm

Join us on Wednesday, November 14, 2018 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. for a book signing and exclusive design presentation by Carolyne Roehm at our Wisteria Dallas store.

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Gray Malin’s Breathtaking Master Suite Redesign, featuring Wisteria

When you’re Gray Malin, U.S. fine art photographer and New York Times bestselling author, your house needs to be photoshoot-worthy, and the master suite is no exception. When he purchased a new Los Angeles home several months ago, he knew the space needed to be special. So he teamed up with interior design company Homepolish and found the perfect designer for the project – Shana Wardle of Sloane & Studio Interiors.

“Gray is a storyteller, so before even meeting him, my goal was to create a room that felt warm, inviting and full of micro-moments,” Shana says. “Thus, I was so excited to hear him say - patterns please! He knew he wanted to juxtapose various patterns from a similar color-family, and the room had blue written all over it in my mind.”

“Considering it was the master bedroom and a place where I spend a considerable amount of time, I decided to go all out on this project,” he says. And that he did, carefully selecting luxury pieces that worked with the space and theme, including two Wisteria bestsellers.

Over the next six months, Gray and Shana worked to bring their vision to life: universal coastal vibe, inspired by Gray’s love of the beach, the primary subject of his photography. Shana brought a light and airy, blue and white ambiance to life via patterns, textures, a cool color palette and, of course, Gray’s own photography.

Featured prominently on either side of the bed is Wisteria’s own Pagoda Mirror in white, which is reminiscent of traditional Chippendale design and Asian-inspired architecture.

Just to the right of the entrance, take a peek inside the walk-in closet and you’ll catch a glimpse of our three Happiness Pots, beautiful representations of traditional Chinese blue and white pottery. Here, they are artistically grouped and bursting with bright and colorful flora.

Two of the three pots are also used in the bedroom, decorating a white shelf and matching perfectly with our Hand-Painted Chinese Cache Pot, an exquisite vessel for lively green palm plants nearby.

Gray notes that pieces from Wisteria and a few other select companies are “represented in other rooms in the house, which I feel brings a continuous flow throughout our home’s overall design.”

While this was the largest personal design project he’d ever taken on, Gray says, “I can wholeheartedly say that the effort that was put into each and every inch of this room was 100% worth it.” We couldn’t agree more.

For more details, visit Gray Malin's Blog

Photos taken by Homepolish

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Introducing: 4 NEW Christmas Themes, from Us to You

Every holiday season is a chance to reinvent what Christmas looks like for you. This year, our Home for the Holidays collection includes decorative items in four beautiful themes, from more traditional looks to something a bit more modern. So put on some Christmas music, grab a hot cocoa, and get ready for some major inspiration.

Sprays of berries, polka dot stockings, and Santa himself come to life in this timeless color palette. Red and white decor brings back memories of poinsettias and bright red bows, of candy canes and cranberry dishes. Updated but classic, these pieces are nostalgic in all the right ways.

Shop Traditional Red & White

Smell the salt air and hear the waves crashing against the rocks with this oceanside-inspired decor. From sand dollars and seashells to jellyfish and mermaids, the underwater world is chic and charming on stockings, tree trimmings, and even ol’ Saint Nick. Let your imagination set sail!

Shop Coastal Cyan & Sand

Explore the ancient traditions of blue and white pottery, which originated in the Middle East and grew in popularity in China and Europe. Intricately painted designs stand vibrantly against clean white backgrounds on everything from vases and urns to ornaments and cocktail napkins. It’s the perfectly cool color palette for the winter season.

Shop Old World Blue & White

Forest creatures, rustic pines, and earthy tones create a cozy, nature-inspired Christmas. Invite wooden reindeer and painted mountain scenes inside, while displaying a Santa ready to traverse a snowy, winter path. Greens, browns, and whites take centerstage in this remote cabin wonderland.

Shop Woodland Green & White

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Color Trend: Warm Tones

As summer turns to fall, it’s only fitting that your home should reflect the changing seasons. The colors we decorate with influence our mood and affect how we interact with our space. Warm tones, such as reds, oranges, yellows and gold, evoke a sense of liveliness and intimacy. They give spaces more energy and make them more inviting, which is perfect as we enter the holiday season.

To prepare for the dropping temperatures, here are 4 easy ways to add touches of warmth throughout your home.

1. Switch Out Pillows & Throws

Add soft touches of warmth, in both color and texture. Pillows are an unexpected addition to your dining room, and every living room needs a cozy throw blanket for when temperatures drop. It’s the simplest way to change up a room.

View All Pillows & Throws

2. Lay Down a New Rug

Start from the ground up and incorporate warm tones underfoot. Rugs are an easy way to change the color palette and tone of a room. Choose something durable for high-traffic areas and something a little plusher for relaxing spaces.

View All Rugs

3. Place Purposeful Decor

Golden-hued accents brighten a room and echo the hues of leaves outside. A gold lamp warmly reflects light, while a brass serving tray is the ideal piece for displaying pinecones or seasonal trinkets.

View All Decor

4. Create a New Personal Gallery

Choose a collection of wall art that brings in warm tones and holiday colors. Think golden brown, pumpkin orange or cranberry red. And remember – framing is important, too. Choose brass or gold for the ultimate autumnal aesthetic.

View All Wall Art

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