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6 Ways To Style The Most Versatile Chairs

Our French-inspired Louis and Chateau Chairs are fan favorites, and when you discover their versatility, it's easy to see why!
Take a look at our designer's tips for styling these two fabulous chairs:

1. The Chic & Intimate Dining Room

In this scene, the Louis Fabric Back Side Chair makes a handsome and cozy statement around a smaller, round dining table. Plus, its natural frame and solid linen colors match well with any eclectic or unique patterns in your décor, like our Moorish Dining Table.

2. The Cozy Office Space

The Louis Fabric Back End Chair pairs beautifully with our Barley Twist Desk with Marble Top. It gives this office space a hint of refinement and a lot of classic comfort.

3. The Contemporary & Classic Dining Room

The Chateau and Louis chairs add just the right traditional touch alongside a modern Acrylic Dining Table. They are the subtle accent of classic décor that keeps a contemporary setting timeless.

4. The Transitional Office Space

The Chateau End Chair grounds this room scene with its timeless appeal. It anchors a contemporary acrylic table and open floor plan to support this airy office space.

5. The Modern Farmhouse Dining Room

These Chateau Side Chairs update the traditional Farmhouse look with their classical appeal. These chairs stand out as sophisticated accent to their rustic counterparts.

6. The Vibrant Sun Room

The Chateau chairs make for inviting seats in a light and breezy sun room or indoor patio. Especially with white linen and the natural oak frame, these light, bright seats are perfect for lining a central table or sitting around the room as accent chairs.


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How-to: Bringing Nature’s Fresh Simplicity Indoors

Editor’s note: There's something absolutely remarkable about the outdoors that can ignite the feelings of tranquility and stillness we often crave. John Muir said it best: "Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves." We love highlighting Nature's beauty in our homes, mimicking a similar peacefulness created by earthy, eclectic pieces. Kristan Allen, wife, mother, and creator of designs with a vintage-modern mix on Farmhouse Redefined, shares simple ways to bring the beauty of nature into your home for a refreshing start to 2018.

Does anyone else get extraordinarily excited at the promise a new year brings? I always feel energized at the chance to reset and start with a clean slate…especially when it comes to home décor! After all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I find myself craving fresh, simplistic décor. And what better way to channel fresh and simplistic than by taking cues from nature?

From soothing color palettes to varying textures, Mother Nature offers a wealth of design inspiration that can work well in any room of your home. And it’s easy to add a touch of nature to freshen up an existing space. To celebrate the New Year and a fresh start, I’m rounding up some of my favorite nature-inspired décor from Wisteria!


1.Wood-Toned Accents

I love the natural beauty of wood tones…they instantly add warmth and dimension to a space. For a quick and easy update, try Wisteria’s Aged Wooden Pot. It comes in different shapes and sizes and can be used as a standalone accent or as a vase. Here on my living room built-ins, the large wooden pot gives my leftover holiday greens a new lease on life. I love the warm wood against the painted shelves and the aged patina pairs perfectly with my vintage books and an old sketch.

If you’re looking to incorporate wood tones on a bigger scale, try the Teak Cube Side Table. This chunky table makes a statement all on its own. It’s a great way to add an organic element to your room and it’s a lot more versatile than you might think! It would be fun to pair it with a variety of styles, including rustic or modern.

2. Flora and Fauna

I have a thing for botanical-inspired accents…for me, they add a touch of easy elegance! The dainty pattern on the Round Floral Vine Brass Tray complements its aged silver finish and would be a great foundation for a table centerpiece. You could also try hanging it on a wall – alone or as part of a gallery – for a fun and unexpected twist!

While we’re on the subject of botanicals, I couldn’t pass up the intricate pattern of the X-Ray Leaf Vein Print. The black and white color scheme amps up the drama of this print, but the simple frame makes it versatile enough to hang anywhere. With various prints in this series, you could hang them together for a high-impact gallery wall.

3. Bone and Marble

The smooth texture of bone and marble always draws me in with its cool sophistication. Plus, the typically muted colors of these materials make them an easy addition to any décor. The Bone and Wood Striped Frame is such a fun way to mix materials and show off a favorite photo. I’ll let you in on a little secret – the wisteria print seen here actually came with the frame. I think it’s pretty enough to leave in there all the time! I styled this frame on a coffee table tray and it looks great with the mix of textures and finishes. It’s hard to go wrong with stripes in my book!

It’s also hard to go wrong with a good objet d’art…especially when it’s functional, too! These White Marble Sphere Bookends are perfect for holding up your books in style.

What are some of your favorite ways to channel nature in your décor? We’d love to see them! (Tag @wisteriahomedecor, and use the hashtag #wisteriastyle because a winner is chosen monthly to receive a $500 Wisteria gift card!) Wishing everyone a fresh and bright start to the New Year!

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In Her Own Words: Finding Your Christmas Look

img_1249-1“I love that Wisteria gives me beautiful, timeless decor options that I can insert into my home and personal style. From a Parisian flea market inspired mirror over my fireplace mantle to classic blue and white vases dotting my home, I love the statement pieces that Wisteria offers and how it adds a punch of style and design whenever you place them in your home.”                            –Heather Fujikawa

Using their holiday decor is so natural to do as well. I was able to add it to my personal style and holiday decor items of the past as Wisteria offers beautiful natural pieces in neutral colors that you can insert in any space.

I love the oversized gilt glass ornaments mixed with the dainty and unique jeweled heart ornaments on my tree. The Zari Embroidery table runner and stockings remind me of when my husband and I lived in Italy. It brings in a classical European feel with the elements of beading, embroidery and gold tassels. These classical options warm the heart and the home with meaning behind each choice. 

Whenever I add a touch of Wisteria in my home I feel that I added an old friend in, one that is long lasting and well thought.

Here are some tips of how to infuse statement Wisteria Holiday design into your home this Holiday season:

img_13491. Create a Holiday color scheme and stick to it throughout your home to create design flow. Once you determine your colors you will know what items naturally and beautifully flow into your home and decor. I chose my signature colors to be berry, gold and silver. When I knew I wanted to center my holiday design around these colors it was natural to find things that would flow into the design color scheme like the gilt glass ornaments on my tree or the silver victorian glass finials accessorizing the mantle.

img_12842. Make everyday accessories new again with holiday accessorizing. Dress up a classic kitchen wooden tray like this Wooden Parat and turn it into a hot cocoa station with colorful delights. It’s a fun accent to your kitchen counter and presents a warm welcome to guests who stop by through the Holidays.



3. Accent Wisteria accessories with natural elements. Encircle your Wisteria holiday accessories with the most complementary element there is; all things natural. From boxwood garland to boxwood wreaths to a Douglas fir Christmas tree, nothing pops beautiful designs more than bringing some of the outdoors in with the use or wreaths, garland and trees around your home through the Holidays.


See Heather’s full Wisteria holiday look here:

Photography: Heather Moore

All photos courtesy of: GoodHomes India Magazine 



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Styling a Console 3 Ways with Jana Bek

Jana Bek of Jana Bek Designs knows how to make a house a home through creating a compelling, balanced space. She also has an eye for style on a budget and can transition one piece seamlessly from room to room. From sophisticated large homes to stylish studio apartments, Bek proves that her talented design eye knows no bounds. We’re excited to share a bit of Bek’s wisdom with you as she styles The Disappearing Console 3 different ways!

When designing for clients or myself I opt for incorporating versatile furniture, pieces that can serve multiple purposes, whenever possible. This route affords you the option to switch up your spaces as your tastes change.

This lovely lucite console is the perfect example of a piece with range. As soon as I saw it I imagined the endless ways in which I could use it in our new Atlanta apartment. Here are my three takes on composing this console:

An Elegant & Easy Entry

Easy Entry | The Disappearing Console
Get the Look: The Disappearing Console // Vase (similar) // Baskets (similar) // Art (similar) // Buoy (similar)

To create an entry with some pop, paint a focal wall a punchy hue. Here, Benjamin Moore’s Key Largo green helps highlight the silhouette of the console. With the addition of some seagrass baskets, clutter is contained.

Beautifully Balanced Buffet

Beautifully Balanced Buffet | The Disappearing ConsoleGet the Look: The Disappearing Console // Tray (similar) // Mirror (similar)

The open shelves are perfect for putting your dinnerware on display. Simple styling on the top shelf can be removed for entertaining with ease.

Best Bar Cart

Best Bar Cart | The Disappearing ConsoleGet the Look: The Disappearing Console // Vase (similar)

The length of this console makes it a perfect celebration station. A set of drink dispensers allows everyone to help themselves. This console is relatively lightweight so you can move it easily, I can’t wait to use it as an impromptu bar cart for alfresco entertaining!

I could also envision this console serving as a media stand or sofa table – it really is versatile! Next time you are in the need for new piece, I hope these looks will inspire you to look for one with possibilities!

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Frame by Frame: Creating a Salon Wall

So, you have that one empty (and consequently massive) wall that’s been staring at you far too long. Or maybe you have a collection of decor pieces, photos, and prints that you have yet to find the perfect place to hang in your home. Well, there’s a solution that may initially seem intimidating, but just might be what your polished home is missing. Enter the salon wall (AKA the gallery wall). A salon wall is a great way to infuse some personality into your space and really make a statement. You may not have all the right pieces laying around and find they may take some time. But don’t get overwhelmed—we have some tips and tricks to help you along the way.

Start by selecting a consistent color palette or theme. In our example, we’re highlighting all things avian in a range of natural hues. We suggest starting with a piece or two that you adore, then build your collection around that. Ultimately, your salon wall should reflect your personality and showcase your favorite things.

Once you’re happy with your collection, it’s time to play with the layout and put it all together.

First, anchor the collection. We think this is best done with one large piece. A dominant piece will serve as the foundation and dictate the flow of other smaller pieces. There is, however, an alternative if you don’t have this piece. In it’s place, use two to four pieces hung at matching heights to establish your focal point.


We suggest starting from the center then working outward and upward. This will help maintain balance within your designated space.


Vary the sizes and orientation of each piece. A variety of shapes and sizes will help the wall feel balanced and keep the eye entertained.


Be sure to keep the distance between the pieces consistent. It doesn’t have to be exact but you don’t want it to look cluttered and completely unplanned. Also, take time to make sure each piece is level. Creating a salon wall is no easy feat, so details matter.


Our favorite part of creating a salon wall is watching it all come together. It may seem like a daunting task at first, but trust us, you’ll love it. An added bonus is that you can break up the gallery at any time and rehang the pieces throughout your home (although we suggest you enjoy the finished product for awhile first)! Love our salon wall? You can purchase all pieces as a set or individually to suit your collection (at 20% off until 9/21)!

Frame by Frame: Creating a Salon Wall | Wisteria

All together now!


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  • Chrissie Cheshire

    The products you have are amazing, interesting, decorative and fabulous. However, one sad point…….you do not ship to the UK.

  • Chrissie Cheshire

    The products you have are amazing, interesting, decorative and fabulous. However, one sad point…….you do not ship to the UK.