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How To: Fill That Pesky Empty Space

Do you have a space that you just don't know what to do with? Your whole home could be perfectly coordinated, and there can still be that one pesky space that you just don't know quite how to decorate. Well, have no fear! We're here with tips on how to outfit that extra space just like the professionals.

With a Console

If you're looking for furniture that won't take up a lot of space but will give you the room you need to arrange a display, then the console is your best bet. With a large enough surface to arrange a variety of pots, books, or flowers, and as the perfect base for an artistic vignette, a console is the quick answer to your empty space needs.

With a Bar Cart (or Cabinet)

Another space saving choice is the bar cart! Not only does this help add interest to a dead space, but it stores your supplies for easy entertaining. Plus, glassware and a decanter look just as stylish as any arrangement of decor.

With a Chest

Chests are the best way to fill a space and give yourself extra space for storage. You can still arrange a decorative display, hang some wall art, and also hide away any materials that you don't quite have room for somewhere else.

With Shelving

Shelves are likely the most obvious choice, and they're a great and easy way to make an open space more interesting and stylish, accentuating and displaying all of your most prized possessions.

With Wall Art

A wall space is immediately transformed with a bright piece of wall art or a unique collage. Amp up your empty space with gorgeous, textured artwork that everyone can admire.

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5 Ways to Create An Eggcellent Easter Tablescape

Easter is right around the corner, and we love hosting a large gathering with family and friends. If you're wondering how to come up with the perfect tablescape to truly capture the joy and color of Easter, then look no further. We've scoured the web to gather festive ways to create a sweet Easter tablescape!


We love this cute and fluffy table runner from Kelly Elko! Simple, rustic, and easy to make, it sets the perfect foundation for an Easter spread.



While some tablescapes focus on lots of vibrant, bright colors, we like the natural beauty of this centerpiece. From 10 Minute Decorating, this piece combines eggs with light earth tones and lovely blossoms, making a stunning, DIY centerpiece.



We can't get enough of this precious Easter bunny napkin design from Martha Stewart! Complete with step-by-step folding instructions, these bring oodles of cuteness to a place setting.



Natural with pops of color, these Easter basket place cards from The House That Lars Built give a bright and personal touch to your place settings. Make guests feel warmed and welcomed at your table, and give them a sweet Easter decoration to take home with them!



This just might be our favorite tip of all. We love these adorable Oreo treats from See Vanessa Craft! They are cute, fun, and bring out the child in all of us. Plus, they are easy to make and are great takeaway gifts!


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Give Your Home A Facelift for Spring

After the dreary days of winter, it's nice to spruce up your home for spring! We looked to our Inwood Village store for inspiration on the best (and easiest) ways to refresh your interior.

1. Go for faux floral

Long lasting and never out of style, faux flowers are a quick way to instantly brighten up a space. It brings the freshness of nature and the liveliness of spring right into your living room!

Gaby Guajardo-image-1519155781133
Gaby Guajardo-image-1519156159798
Gaby Guajardo-image-1519156260567

2. Have a gilt trip

Just like the sunshine warms our hearts, warm up your space this spring with a touch of glamorous gold. Gilded accents make all the difference in preparing a home for brighter days.

Gaby Guajardo-image-1519156780563
Gaby Guajardo-image-1519156537971

3. Pop out the color

Nothing says spring like bright colors! Whether you use pillows, flowers, wall art, or some popping upholstery, having an array of vibrant colors really brings out the best in springtime decor.

Gaby Guajardo-image-1519157339924
Gaby Guajardo-image-1519157335341
Gaby Guajardo-image-1519156622793
Gaby Guajardo-image-1519157444611

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6 Chic Must-Try Storage Solutions

There's no need to wait for spring to start tidying up your home! If you're still stuck inside from the cold, you can get organized for the warmer months with some of our favorite storage options of the season.


If you have beautiful items that you want to store but they're too cute to hide away, then an acrylic trunk is your perfect solution! Their transparent sides mean that your colorful throws, bath towels, or unique treasures can stand out from within.


We love that these types of pieces can store a TON of things, and they also feature a sleek, Scandinavian design that will fit beautifully at the end of a bed or under a window. (Plus, they double as extra seating!)


Bring a refreshing, natural touch to your home with shelving that has traditional charm. They will provide ample space and accent your home with classic beauty and simple, functional design.


These are the simple, organic pieces you need to tone down and de-clutter your home. Depending on the size you need, seagrass baskets can hold anything from extra towels and throws to bathroom and kitchen supplies. (Try tucking three underneath an open coffee table to hide your living room electronics!)


Magazine holders are an easy solution and quick fix to organizing. Besides simply stacking magazines, you can file letters and cards that you don't want to lose! Plus, durable rattan lasts for years and provides an organic texture to your home.


Not only are they super convenient for storing linens, blankets, or extra small decor, but vintage trunks also inspire visions of travel and adventure, standing out in any room with their totally one-of-a-kind look.

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6 Ways To Style The Most Versatile Chairs

Our French-inspired Louis and Chateau Chairs are fan favorites, and when you discover their versatility, it's easy to see why!
Take a look at our designer's tips for styling these two fabulous chairs:

1. The Chic & Intimate Dining Room

In this scene, the Louis Fabric Back Side Chair makes a handsome and cozy statement around a smaller, round dining table. Plus, its natural frame and solid linen colors match well with any eclectic or unique patterns in your décor, like our Moorish Dining Table.

2. The Cozy Office Space

The Louis Fabric Back End Chair pairs beautifully with our Barley Twist Desk with Marble Top. It gives this office space a hint of refinement and a lot of classic comfort.

3. The Contemporary & Classic Dining Room

The Chateau and Louis chairs add just the right traditional touch alongside a modern Acrylic Dining Table. They are the subtle accent of classic décor that keeps a contemporary setting timeless.

4. The Transitional Office Space

The Chateau End Chair grounds this room scene with its timeless appeal. It anchors a contemporary acrylic table and open floor plan to support this airy office space.

5. The Modern Farmhouse Dining Room

These Chateau Side Chairs update the traditional Farmhouse look with their classical appeal. These chairs stand out as sophisticated accent to their rustic counterparts.

6. The Vibrant Sun Room

The Chateau chairs make for inviting seats in a light and breezy sun room or indoor patio. Especially with white linen and the natural oak frame, these light, bright seats are perfect for lining a central table or sitting around the room as accent chairs.


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