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How To Decorate Small Spaces: Breakfast Nook

Indigo and Ebony Small Spaces Breakfast Nook

Sometimes fitting form and function in a small space can be challenging. Fortunately, Wisteria has a great selection of items perfect for small spaces. Below are the few key pieces you need to put together this inviting Indigo Infusion Dining Room!

The Sleekest Metal Table

The Sleekest Metal Table is the perfect starting piece. The thin metal legs keep it open and airy, but it still has plenty of surface area. The industrial design also lends itself to almost any style of chair as well.

Industrial Wall Art

Our Industrial Wall Art is a great showstopper. Just because you have a small space doesn’t mean you can’t go big with your art! This wall art doubles as a mirror, which helps create the illusion of a light and bright space.

Black Bowfront Chest

A great chest is something everyone should own. For example, the Black Bowfront Chest is the kind of piece you can use in any room of your home. From entryway, to bedroom, and even as dining storage, it’s always stylish!

Keep your accessories to the minimum to avoid clutter, and you will have the light and sunny breakfast nook you’ve always wanted! See more small space inspiration online.


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Cobbler’s Sabot Forms: How-to Mold Your Style

Cobblers Sabot Forms | Wisteria

For most of history, shoemaking has been a handicraft. Traditional shoemakers used a variety of techniques to manufacture shoes by hand—pegged, welted, stitched, etc.,. The cobbler would measure the feet and cut the upper leather according to the size; they would be fitted and stitched together. The sole was assembled next, then wood was attached to form the shoe. After being hammered into shape, the edges were smoothed and the molds were removed. A variant of the clog, the production of  wooden shoes became widespread in medieval Europe.

Cobblers Sabot Forms | Wisteria

Although the time when cobblers painstakingly made shoes one at a time has (largely) past, we’ve found they make a wonderful decorative piece. This Americana blast from the past will inspire style—display these vintage Cobbler’s Sabot Forms throughout your home to create a unique design concept. Here are three options on how to hang.

You will need: nails, hammer, drill, leather or yarn, and/or sticky strips.

Cobbler Sabot Shoe Forms | Wisteria

To hang by a string

Step 1: Get a durable string of leather or heavy-duty yarn. Cut at desired length.

Step 2: Drill a hole all the way through the sides of the heel.

Step 3: Slip your string through the holes, knot it, and dangle from a nail.

Cobbler Sabot Shoe Forms | Wisteria

To cradle along the wall 

Step 1: Place a sticky strip (or two) on the wall where you’d like the shoe to go.

Step 2: Attach shoes to the sticky strip and hold in place.

Step 3: While holding it in place, hammer nails along the sides and below the heel to cradle the shoe.

Cobbler's Sabot Forms | Wisteria

To hang discreetly on the wall

Step 1: Drill two holes in the bottom—the length of a bracket.

Step 2: Attach bracket to the bottom of the shoe with nails with a hammer.

Step 3: Hammer a nail (or two) in desired spot on the wall and hang.

Make your own masterpiece, Cobbler’s Sabot Forms are sold in a set of 2 or a set of 10.

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Tips for Outdoor Entertaining

Summertime should be spent outdoors, especially with friends and family. Next time you decide to invite a few guests, consider taking it out to the patio!


In the above image, we set a plentiful spread for a wine and dine fete set for 6. Whether you want to bring out the grill and do a full feast, or if you just want a light setting with mood lighting and a few accents, here are a few tips that will help get you started.

  • It helps to start with a theme and/or a color palette. We chose a coastal theme (our favorite!) in a color scheme that blends both warm and cool tones. Sticking with a theme and set of colors, keeps it stylized and put-together.
  • Start with foundational pieces. This look is set on a natural wood table (our Rustic Oak Dining Table), a few light Chippendale Chairs, and our Rattan Chargers, setting a neutral color range for color accents. Foundational pieces can be as simple as the cocktail napkins you use for a small gathering or the lighting for a nighttime barbeque.
  • The fun part: Accessories! To make the coastal theme not so over-the-top we added succulents and simple textiles to pull it all together.

Happy entertaining!

See everything for this look here. For more entertaining tips and ideas, follow us on Pinterest.

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Insider Style: Coastal Mantels

Earlier this year, we asked three employees to help us out with one of our summer photo shoots. Each got to style the same mantel any way they wanted. The looks they came up with are unique and charming.

Which mantel most resembles your style? Recreate any of these looks or build your own coastal inspired mantel by shopping all our coastal products here.

Now it’s time to get to know the employees behind our Coastal Mantel photo shoot!

Coastal Mantle 1

Spotlight On: Kayla, Marketing

Tell us a bit about what inspired this design. I love the color combo of blue and white. It’s very typical of coastal looks, but I also wanted to add pops of other colors. I’m always looking for creative ways to display my jewelry—our Floating Coral Shelves worked perfectly!

Describe your style in three words. Colorful, trendy, and preppy.

Where is your dream summer vacation spot? St. John—snorkeling, sun bathing, and sipping piña coladas!

What is one design tip you think everyone needs to know? Pile on the pillows! They’re an easy and affordable way to add texture and color to any room.

Coastal Mantle 2

Spotlight On: Joe, Merchandising

Tell us a bit about what inspired this design. I recently bought a house on the water and I am excited to get back into sailing, hiking, and enjoying Nature. This mantel is inspired by the casual, natural lifestyle that I love.

Describe your style in three words. Eclectic, neo-tradtional, and clean.

Where is your dream summer vacation spot? I love the artistic town of Ubud in Bali. The beauty of the architecture and terraced rice fields, the intriguing sounds of the gamelan, the colorful temple dances, and the delicious food all add up to a gorgeous vacation.

What is one design tip you think everyone needs to know? Every room should have something unexpected.

Coastal Mantle 3
Spotlight On: Stephanie, Design and Product Development

Tell us a bit about what inspired this design. I love the beach and this reminds me of the coast.

Describe your style in three words. Simple, casual, and playful.

Where is your dream summer vacation spot? Anywhere with white sand, crystal clear water, and scuba diving.

What is one design tip you think everyone needs to know? To not be afraid of design or get hung up on rules. Just have fun with styling. I love mixing materials and textures like I’ve done here with glass, bone, and wood.

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Acrylic Trunk

It’s the warmest time of the year, and we’re drawn to anything and everything light and airy—including our new clear Acrylic Trunk. Functionality meets modernism with this stunning, multipurpose piece. Rope handles encased with brushed stainless steel, at each end, ensures mobility and durability!

Here are just a few of our favorite uses for this gorgeous trunk, which is sure to be the heart of any stylish space.

Acrylic Trunk | Wisteria

Utilize the ample storage and a svelte physique. Store extra pillows and throws during hot summer days.

Acrylic Trunk | Wisteria

This trunk begs to be the center of any room—use as a unique coffee table and showcase your treasured belongings.

Acrylic Trunk | Wisteria
We love seeing this piece in a guest bath. Beautifully organize towels and toiletries without the bulk of common storage pieces.

Shop more of our unique acrylic and glass pieces online.

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