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5 Ways to Create An Eggcellent Easter Tablescape

Easter is right around the corner, and we love hosting a large gathering with family and friends. If you're wondering how to come up with the perfect tablescape to truly capture the joy and color of Easter, then look no further. We've scoured the web to gather festive ways to create a sweet Easter tablescape!


We love this cute and fluffy table runner from Kelly Elko! Simple, rustic, and easy to make, it sets the perfect foundation for an Easter spread.



While some tablescapes focus on lots of vibrant, bright colors, we like the natural beauty of this centerpiece. From 10 Minute Decorating, this piece combines eggs with light earth tones and lovely blossoms, making a stunning, DIY centerpiece.



We can't get enough of this precious Easter bunny napkin design from Martha Stewart! Complete with step-by-step folding instructions, these bring oodles of cuteness to a place setting.



Natural with pops of color, these Easter basket place cards from The House That Lars Built give a bright and personal touch to your place settings. Make guests feel warmed and welcomed at your table, and give them a sweet Easter decoration to take home with them!



This just might be our favorite tip of all. We love these adorable Oreo treats from See Vanessa Craft! They are cute, fun, and bring out the child in all of us. Plus, they are easy to make and are great takeaway gifts!


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3 Twists On Traditional Valentine’s Day Roses

The day of all things love is just around the corner. Have you thought of what you will get your significant other to show them your love and affection? Most people usually get the standard dozen red roses that will look great for a week but will then begin to die soon after.

Show your partner that your love endures forever with these gift ideas that will outlast a few days on the counter:


Forget that bouquet and give your love a plant that will continue to produce roses for years to come! The floral industry knows that the demand for roses around Valentine’s Day is high, so the price of a dozen roses can be astronomical. Purchasing a plant that can be added to a garden is a wise investment since you can cut roses from it year after year. Prices for a rose bush can be anywhere from $20-$100 based on maturity, but it will be money well spent given the longevity of the plant.

Gifting a rose bush is also a great way to enhance the look of your garden, and your partner will be reminded of your love every time they look at it. Be sure to be willing to dig the hole and plant the rose bush as well in order to complete this lovely gift idea.



If your partner doesn't have a green thumb, there are still potted plants that will make a great gift. Plants like cacti, succulents, and aloe vera are great choices for those who forget or are too busy to regularly water their plants. You can even find succulents, such as the desert savior, that have romantic hints of red in them. Nevertheless, all of these choices can store water well and actually prefer to be watered much less than a typical potted plant.

They are also small enough to be placed anywhere, like the edge of a bathroom counter, a windowsill, or side table, and will add texture and life to any space. If you are looking to give a larger gift, then consider putting all three of these plants in a larger container for the ultimate arrangement that doesn’t need much attention.



Does your partner work at a desk all day with little to no sunlight or direct window access? Think about giving them a potted plant that prefers less light like bamboo, spider, or jade plants. Bamboo will grow quite fast and add height and dimension to any drab office area. Spider plants are white and green in color and add interest to any space, while waxy jade plants look like a bonsai tree and need little attention. For the ultimate office dweller that is gone on long trips, consider getting them a potted ficus tree that actually responds better to dark areas and dry soil.


There are so many more options for Valentine’s Day gifts than just the standard cut flower arrangements. Consider purchasing a potted plant to show your love that will continue to grow and mature throughout many years. Choosing a plant that fits the needs and personality of your partner is easy given the wide variety of plants available. There is no need to purchase cut flowers that will eventually be thrown away when there are many other great plant gift choices that will show that your love endures beyond a single Valentine’s Day!



Katie Kuchta is a gardening guru, outdoor living expert, and self-proclaimed foodie. She can often be found cooking in the kitchen or on the hunt for the best tacos. Follow her on Instagram @atxtacoqueen.

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7 Simple Holiday Tips for the Last-Minute Decorator

There are so many easy ways to add holiday spice and winter magic to your home! Our flagship store at Inwood Village in Dallas, Texas has set up the coziest Christmas displays, and they have plenty of tricks for last-minute decorating to make your home just as festive without the time commitment. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Accents of evergreens

There’s something whimsical about flocked evergreens. They instantly make a room feel like a magical winter wonderland. Trim a window or doorway with these timeless holiday decorations.



2. Bursts of red

A little red here and there can really brighten up your home! Tie bows around bare or basic items to give them a little life. Place red winter berries in a vase to add a pop of color and some texture to a space. This bright color brings out the festive side of holiday decorating!



3. Flocked holiday flowers

Nothing quite points to a holiday-decorating pro like a perfectly crafted centerpiece. Flocked flowers and red winter berries with evergreen sprigs are a must for any Christmas-y vase.



4. Furry festive friends

We love our furry friends! Whether you use your own pet or a festive prop, they are easy to decorate and bring a lively, natural touch to your holiday home!



5. Wisps of crystal

Shiny snowflakes are a classic when it comes to holiday decorating. They usually reflect the light on a Christmas tree, but these striking ornaments can easily hang around your home for that extra wintry feel.



6. Don’t be afraid of pink

A rose color adds a sweet dynamic to Christmas decorating. Whether making a big statement with a large piece or adding touches of it alongside the reds and greens, pink makes a softer impression in your home.



7. Utilize white this winter

Not only is it sleek and sophisticated, but white furniture is the perfect backdrop for making your holiday reds and greens really pop! Baubles, ornaments, and green sprigs are more vibrant than ever against a white background.


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5 Ways To Prep For Holiday Hosting

Brisk air. Christmas lights. Giving gifts. Warm fires and family nights inside.

Deadlines. Chaos. Hectic planning. Trying to finish everything before everyone arrives.

There are so many words that can define your holidays this year. You probably like the first list a lot more than the second (unless you love an organizational challenge). With the temperature dropping, winter can be one of the most magical and heartwarming times of year. With family arriving, parties to host and attend, and checking everything off your shopping list, it can also be one of the most overwhelming seasons. We want you to have all the magic this year without any of the stress of pulling it together. That’s where our holiday guide comes in and gives you everything you need for an ~almost~ stress free holiday of hosting.


This year, we are all about understated glamour. You can have all the glitz and beauty of the season without all the work!

Your furniture and tree are all you need! Let large, naturally beautiful items take the focus, so you only have to worry about the small details that pull a room together. Try our Carved Brass Vases, Zardosi Wall Art, and set of Gilt Glass Ornaments to complete your holiday look.

Gold and antique accents add a lot of regal charm without all the fuss. Our Sunburst Stocking Holder adds glam among fresh evergreens and is a quick way to bring both beauty and functionality to your holiday decorating.




Make your table an eye-catching masterpiece with minimal effort. Larger bowls and pots set the scene and can make the biggest statement. A simple arrangement of branches or bright flowers can add a little extra flair and help the bigger pieces stand out. Bring in the elaborate elements in simple ways with antiqued candlesticks or gilded ornaments.

Presentation is everything, but beauty is really found in the details. A touch of gold and some natural inspiration goes a long way in setting a holiday table that everyone will cherish.




In the spirit of keeping it simple, tantalize your taste buds with Peppermint Bark! It is a quick and easy treat that you can put in the refrigerator hours before company arrives, knowing it will be tasty and ready to munch on when they do.

Plus, guests can get a bite as they please! No need to worry about serving these sweet treats. Try displaying these on our Round Floral Vine Brass Tray for an easy, elegant touch.


Prep time: 20 minutes
Cook time: 10 minutes
Ready in: 2 hours 10 minutes

8 oz. high-quality semi-sweet chocolate, broken into pieces
8 oz. high-quality white chocolate, broken into pieces
2 tsp. canola oil, divided
25 peppermint candies, crushed
½ tsp. peppermint extract, divided

1. Lightly grease a 9x9 inch pan and line with waxed paper, smoothing out wrinkles; set aside.
2. Place the semi-sweet chocolate and 1 teaspoon of the canola oil in the top of a double boiler over just barely simmering water, stirring frequently and scraping down the sides with a rubber spatula to avoid scorching.
3. When the chocolate is melted, stir in 1/4 teaspoon of the peppermint extract. Pour the melted chocolate into the prepared pan, and spread evenly over the bottom of the pan. Sprinkle half of the crushed peppermints over the chocolate layer. Refrigerate until completely hardened, about 1 hour.
4. Place the white chocolate and the remaining 1 teaspoon canola oil in the top of a double boiler over just barely simmering water, stirring frequently and scraping down the sides with a rubber spatula to avoid scorching.
5. When the chocolate is melted, stir in the remaining 1/4 teaspoon of the peppermint extract. Pour the white chocolate directly over the semisweet chocolate layer; spread evenly. Sprinkle the remaining crushed candy over the top and gently press in.
6. Refrigerate until completely hardened. Remove from pan; break into small pieces to serve.

Recipe from:


Everybody looks forward to the bubbly, bright beverages at holiday parties! The smoothest way to get everyone the drink that they want is to have a classy, decorative bar cart available. With the Marble Top Bar Cart, all the drinks are stylishly on display, ready for guests to help themselves!

If you want to have a more traditional cocktail and make something easy for visitors to look forward to, then try this tasty Winter Sangria:


1 bottle of sweeter red wine
1 cup pomegranate juice
1/4 cup Triple Sec or Grand Marnier
1/4 cup brandy
2 tbsp. simple syrup
1 orange cut into slices
1 green apple; remove core and cut into chunks
1 cup grapes, cut in half
1/4 cup blackberries
1/2 pomegranate, just the arils (seeds)
garnish with cranberries
1 2L bottle of Sprite
1 cup pomegranate juice
1 orange cut into slices
1 green apple; remove core and cut into chunks
1 cup grapes cut in half
1/4 cup blackberries
1/2 pomegranate, just the arils (seeds)
garnish with cranberries

Alcoholic Option:
1. In a large pitcher mix together the wine, pomegranate juice, Triple Sec, and simple syrup.
2. Add the cut up fruit to the wine mix, stir, and let sit for at least 4 hours, or overnight is best.

Non-Alcoholic Option:
1. In a large pitcher, mix together the Sprite and pomegranate juice.
2. Add the cut up fruit to the juice mix, stir, and let sit for at least 4 hours, or overnight is best.



Every successful party has a little something extra for the guests to take home. Light up your guests' night with these charming Christmas candles (and maybe use a few around the house to show off your own holiday spirit)!




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Christmas on Wisteria Lane

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the Holiday house

Not a creature was stirring, not even Mr. Perez the mouse;

The Alpine Stockings were hung by the chimney with care,

In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there;

The children were nestled in a Herringbone Throw in their beds;

While visions of Jolly Jellyfish danced in their heads;



And mamma with her Wisteria Catalog, and I in my cap,

Had just folded our Gaucho Throw for a long winter's nap,

When the Seashell Garland shook with a clatter,

I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter.

Away to the window I flew like a flash,

Ran past the Pueblo Village and threw up the sash.



The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow,

Gave a lustre of midday to the Three Wise Men below,

When what to my wondering eyes did appear,

But a miniature sleigh and eight Regal White Reindeer,

With a little old driver so lively and quick,

I knew in a moment he must be St. Nick.

So up to the housetop the White Stags they flew

With the sleigh full of toys, and Seaside Santa too—

And then, in a twinkling, I heard on the roof

The prancing and pawing of each little hoof.

As I drew in my Notepad, and was turning around,

Down the chimney a more Nordic Santa came with a bound.



He was dressed all in fur, from his head to his foot,

And his clothes were all tarnished with ashes and soot;

A bundle of Crowns and Stockings on his back,

And Peace on Earth Doves flew out of his pack.

His eyes—how they twinkled! his dimples, how merry!

His cheeks were like Rosemaling Candles, his nose like a cherry!



His droll little mouth was drawn up like Mistletoe,

And the beard on his chin was as white as the snow;

The stump of a pipe he held tight in his teeth,

And the smoke, it encircled his head like a wreath;

He had a Cherub face and a little round belly

That shook when he laughed, like a Serving Bowl full of jelly.

He was plump like a Kash Birds Pillow, a right jolly old elf,

And I laughed when I saw him, in spite of myself;

A wink of his eye and a twist of his head

Soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread;

He placed the Nativity, and went straight to his work,

And filled new Seaside Stockings; then turned with a jerk,



And laying his finger aside of his nose,

Atop the Mali Rug, up the chimney he rose;

He sprang to his sleigh, to his team gave a whistle,

And away they all flew like the down of a thistle.

But I heard him exclaim, ere he drove out of sight—

“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”


This poem is inspired by Clement Clarke Moore's classic A Visit from St. Nicholas.

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