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6 Ways to Organize a Home with Personality

We all want to be more organized, but we don’t want our homes to lose the style that makes them unique. Enter Leslie Lehr, a professional organizer, blogger, and lifestyle influencer, who owns the organizing business All Your Ducks In A Row. Here are her 6 tips for keeping a personalized yet orderly home.



What’s your advice for people who want to be organized but have a lot of stuff?


Organize by category instead of location. Begin with the following categories: clothing, books, paper, housewares, and nostalgia. Once items are properly organized by category, assign a designated storage area, such as a fabulous console or side table with drawers. I love the Alton Media Console and Chippendale Bamboo-Style Side Table from Wisteria. These pieces are stylish and functional for an organized home.



What is the key to keeping things organized long term?


Once you have assigned a designated zone and organized by category, honor your new system. Take time to return items to their designed space and take inventory of your categories each month so you can edit out unnecessary items. Remember that a clutter-free home that is well organized promotes a welcoming, peaceful, and joyful space.



How does someone figure out their style aesthetic?


Here are my top 5 tips to determine your personal style:

  1. Use Pinterest to create boards by room and start pinning. Your pinning process will unveil a common style.
  2. Tour your home and take note of pieces that bring you the most pleasure. Once your list is complete, consider the style, color, material, and pattern. Many of my clients find that their favorite pieces clearly define their style.
  3. Save images you adore from catalogues and magazines, then create a filing system to store them.
  4. Surf the web for design blogs and lifestyle influencers. Consider why you like their content. Is it the color palette, the style, material, accessories, or pattern?
  5. Take it to the streets. Visit home decor showrooms, luxury hotel lobbies, show houses, and restaurants. Take photographs of anything that brings you inspiration.


What are some small ways to personalize a space?


My favorite approach is with carefully selected home accessories. Let your personality shine with a fabulous light fixture. Celebrate your favorite color with pillows, artwork, or a decorative accessory. Coffee table books can help tell your story when you choose subjects that represent your interests. Monogrammed pillows, napkins, and towels are also the perfect way to personalize a space.



What kinds of pieces can help a place feel like home?


Details are key here. My favorite style tip to create a welcoming space is to add pillows in a variety of fabrics and prints. Fresh flowers or potted blooming plants in a favorite bowl or vase help celebrate each season. Also, select stunning frames in a set of three to display photographs of family and friends.

My favorite Wisteria pieces that make a space feel welcoming are the Corsica Velvet IKAT Pillow Cover mixed with solid European Flax Linen Pillow Covers in hues of blue, plus the 3-piece set of Happiness Pots to celebrate my passion for blue and white.



Are there any design choices that can also help create that “home away from home” feel?


Absolutely! Introduce a pop of color with a soft throw for your bed or sofa. A throw is a chic style technique while being an inviting accessory. Also, try adding a decorative desk lamp to lighten up a neutral space. And to keep things personal, introduce your favorite artist, color palette, or subject with art.

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All images courtesy Leslie Lehr.

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One Room Challenge™ with Designer Jana Bek

For this blog, we’re thrilled to let designer Jana Bek take over and explain her creative process and show us her utterly fabulous makeover result!

As one of my go-to sources for fresh, beautifully crafted furniture, it’s no surprise that Wisteria’s pieces shine in our new Brooklyn apartment. I designed this space for the One Room Challenge™, a widely anticipated biannual event that partners with a myriad of companies and designers. Twenty design influencers are selected to take the challenge, as Featured Designers, and transform a space while documenting their process, sources, and advice over six weekly posts. It’s incredibly fun and rewarding, and I was honored to take part. So, without further ado, if you’re a fan of vibrant colors and pattern, you’ll enjoy touring our new Brooklyn place!

Oslo Burl Wood Veneer Coffee Table

I wanted to go big and bold for our Brooklyn apartment, and I’m delighted with how it came together! In the living room, Wisteria’s Oslo Burl Wood Veneer Coffee Table adds rich texture and a vintage vibe with its mid-century design. In small spaces especially, you want to minimize too many furniture “legs” to keep the space feeling clean and uncluttered. This waterfall-style table is a perfect piece to do just that!

The Disappearing Console

Crafted of luxurious acrylic, Wisteria’s Disappearing Console is so versatile and easy on the eyes, creating a focal point in our Brooklyn apartment. This is actually the third space we've included this piece. Originally, we used it as a buffet table in our Atlanta apartment, then turned it into a storage station in my Ann Arbor home office. 

Brooklyn Apartment
Atlanta Apartment
Ann Arbor Home

French Modernist Armchair

In any space, the more materials and finishes in the mix, the more lived-in layers of character. In our bedroom, Wisteria’s French Modernist Armchair masters this mix; the rope abaca and sleek curved arms create an elegant statement chair. The light linen bed frame pops against the deep plum grasscloth wallpaper, and sumptuous bed accessories add soft texture to complete the layered feel.

And that’s a wrap! Thanks for visiting. I hope our city abode inspires you to create your own fun and fearless space full of personality and style.

Jana Bek is an interior designer based in Ann Arbor, MI and Brooklyn, NY. She is a product designer of home decor, textiles, and hand-painted brushstroke lamps made in the USA. You can follow her on Instagram at @janabekdesign.

Interior Designer // Jana Bek@janabekdesign
Photographer // Lindsay Brown@lindseabrown

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Top 10 Designer Picks Under $100

Whether you’re looking for some small touches to spruce up your home or Christmas gifts that will make an impression, our designers have selected pieces from our new arrivals that will work perfectly.

1. Glass Jewelry Stand – Tall $99

Displays beloved baubles elegantly and makes it easy to find the exact piece you’re looking for each morning.

2. Hand-Cast Woodlands Bracket – Stag $89

Forest creatures are given a modern look while providing support for a variety of treasures.

See online for additional styles

3. Paper Mache Bowl $49

Handmade of natural materials to mimic the rustic, time honored tradition of paper mache.

4. Oatmeal Linen Coral Hand Towel $25

Fine linen adds some seaside charm in an easily coordinated neutral color palette.

5. Modern Italianate Candlestick – Modeno $34

Hand-carved bleached wood brings a rustic elegance to a table or hearth.

See online for additional styles

6. Embroidered Chinese Pottery Dinner Napkins $59

Feature traditional blue and white Chinese pottery details for a historically beautiful touch. Set of 4

7. Seeded Tea Glass – Cobalt $12

Brings a splash of rich blue to any table setting. Mouth-blown bubbles add texture.

8. Decorative Glass Orb $59

Adds a touch of magic, indoors or outside. Perfect displayed inside on a stand or in your garden.

9. First Thanksgiving Candles $24

Remember the history of Thanksgiving with this set of candles. Perfect for lighting dinner or providing decoration. Set of 4

10. Linen Starfish Cocktail Napkins $34

Clean, white linen with underwater accent. Creates an elegantly coastal aesthetic in a neutral color palette. Set of 4

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Top 5 Must-Have Handmade Products

For our latest collection, our designers highlighted elegance with an organic twist. Many products at Wisteria are handmade, but within this collection, our designers have five pieces that they believe stand out among the rest! Here are our top five must-have handmade pieces from our new collection:

1. Bone Inlay Desk

This marvelous desk was inspired by ancient Islamic geometric design. Originally, the bone inlay details stood to portray unity and order, and that same message is present in our Bone Inlay Desk. In this piece, the elaborate and intricate details seen throughout the piece are hand-cut and hand-laid pieces of bone. The stark cream of the bone contrasts with the richness of the wood, creating a perfect harmony. This handmade desk is an eye-catcher in any room and with its unique beauty, it is easy to see why it is on our designers top five handmade product list.

2. Live Edge Teak Coffee Table

Our hand-carved Live Edge Teak Coffee Table is a showstopper! Exclusive to Wisteria, this coffee table brings the outdoors in. Aiming to maintain the natural curvature of the teak wood, this piece brings organic character to any room. Our designers love the amazing growth rings visible in the teak of this piece, allowing the piece to tell its unique story.

3. Burl and Brass Chest of Drawers

Exclusive to Wisteria, our Burl and Brass Chest of Drawers is a sleek piece that is the result of a somewhat odd natural occurrence. Burl wood occurs when a tree is under stress. From that stress, the unique attributes of the wood are formed. Craftsmen must sculpt and polish the burl wood in order for this piece to come to life. Our handmade Burl and Brass Chest of Drawers is a prime example of the beauty that come from within, both ourselves and nature.

4. Amora Armchair

Our minimalistic Amora Armchair is a wonderful blend of wood and rattan. The contrast between the woven rattan and the sleek teak wood creates an organic, yet contemporary vibe radiating from this piece. This versatile piece is a great addition to any home, and alongside its functionality, the handmade nature of the piece brings even more pizzazz to the chair.

5. Roller Pin Mirror

Many remember their mother or grandmothers standing in the kitchen with their roller pin ready and eager to bake the day away. Now, you can bring those happy memories into your space in a new way, with our Roller Pin Mirror. This handmade piece consists of natural wood roller pins with each individual pin, consisting of a different shade of wood, allowing for a vibrant texture to the piece. Hand constructed, each pin is shaped from reclaimed wood making each piece a handmade treasure.

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