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4 Things We Love About Our New Collection

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From leather fringe and tufted velvet to rattan seating and 100-year-old statues, our latest collection has it all. Here are 4 things we’re absolutely loving.

1. Evergreen Plush Colors

Our new Velvet Luxe Collection features all-new colors of soft, luxurious velvet. Outfitted in elegant neutrals, these classic silhouettes are versatile and on-trend year after year.

2. Backstories That Intrigue

We treasure pieces that make people ask, “What’s the story behind this?” Our Rare Birds do just that. Vintage, centuries-old finds and handmade, culturally rich works lend themselves to a bit of storytelling and make an incredible impression.

3. Exquisite Handmade Details

When items are expertly hand-crafted by artisans, it shows. Wood carved over many hours, materials hand-cut and stitched, and precisely woven fibers are the kinds of details that make pieces so special.

4. Naturally Inspiring Materials

Mother Earth provides us with materials that stand the test of time, in both form and beauty. From woven rattan to supple leather and natural woods, we love to bring the outside in.

Which pieces catch your eye? Come explore the entire collection and fall in love with something new.