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How To: Pair the Unexpected

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We love the idea of celebrating pairs that unexpectedly work beautifully together. It really is the differences that keep things interesting! So read along for designer tips on how opposites attract when creating a dream home, full of visual interest and layered styling.

Curved Warm Rattan Meets Carved White Marble

Designer Tip: Keep woven rattan relevant throughout the seasons by pairing it with evergreen white marble designs.

Coastal Creation Pairs with French Inspiration

Designer Tip: Give sophisticated and stately pieces a whimsical, contemporary touch with a seaside-inspired accent piece.

Gold Glitz Plays Off Swedish Stylings

Designer Tip: Allow statement pieces to shine by paring them with subdued, transitional items.

Organic Shape Accents Angular Construction

Designer Tip: Play organic materials and shapes off of man-made construction and exact angles to bring out the beauty in both.

Mid-Century Silhouette Balances Intricate Moorish Design

Designer Tip: Pair classic, bold lines with hand-crafted, intricate designs for a balance of clean silhouettes and character. (Bonus Tip: Don’t be afraid to use more than one side table in a grouping to create customized shelving.)