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Introducing: Atlantic Summer

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Your Guide to Chic Summer Styling

This summer, keep cool with beautiful blues, pristine white, and a touch of wood. Airy and open, our latest collection is an homage to life on the east coast along the Atlantic shore, where seaside-inspired styles reign.

Bright White with Color Pops

Vivid shades of blue, green, and coral paired with stark white brings out the beauty in both. This combination feels fresh and clean, perfect for the beginning of warm summer days.

Designer Tip: Pay attention to details. In the room below, we made sure that even the books displayed matched our blue and green accent scheme.

Rooms with a View

In this space full of windows, we played off of the colors outside and made sure to include a mirror to capitalize on the abundance of natural light.

Designer Tip: Incorporate the outside view indoors. We featured elements of seaside life in our decor: eye-catching coral sculptures and a print of a Snowy Heron.

An Elegant Escape

A beachy scene gets a touch of glitz with gold gilt accents. Blues and sandy beiges are made chic by the simple addition of metallic decor.

Designer Tip: Pair laid back hues with glam details. Summertime hues work just as well with golds and silvers as jewel tones.

Dive into Ocean Blues

In this room, we played up the overarching blue and white theme by keeping other colors to a minimum. A few wood pieces provide just the right amount of visual break.

Designer Tip: Explore the entire range of a color. Choose a color you love and feature its darkest shade and brightest hue. Just make sure to keep the rest of the space neutral.