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Introducing: Bungalow Living

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As sunshine reflects off ocean waves and spring blooms around us, we celebrate the new season surrounded by hand-woven rattan furniture, pieces shining with gold gilt, and blue and white seaside-inspired pillow covers. It’s a breath of fresh air complemented by clear glass and acrylic and bright, warm woods.

Imagine life on the coast, and take a journey through Bungalow Living.

Expertly Woven Rattan

Rattan is sturdy and long-lasting while being flexible enough to shape into an almost limitless number of designs. Plus, it accepts most stains and paints. Made from the tough inner core of the rattan vine, it’s a combination of organic quality and artisan vision.

Designer Tip: Play up the organic nature of rattan with touches of greenery and floral arrangements.

Gold Gilt Finishes

Paired stunningly with clear glass and acrylic, gold brings a classy touch to life on the coast. Furniture and decor have been gilded in gold since ancient Egyptian times. This metallic shade surged to popularity in the 1950s and is still used in refreshing new ways by interior designers today.

Designer Tip: Gold accents paired with wood pieces keeps a room sophisticated yet welcoming.

Ocean-Inspired Pillow Covers

Using the ancient technique of screen printing, these blue and white designs are inspired by the sea creatures, environment, and flora that make the coast so special. To create each pillow case, artists roll out bolts of linen, cover them with patterned screens, pour blue dye, and then wipe the excess away. The results are beautifully tranquil.

Designer Tip: Mix multiple patterns from this pillow collection for an array of designs kept cohesive by a shared color palette.