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Introducing: Urban Upscale

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Our Urban Upscale collection is classically refined and city-inspired. Filled with cool marble, clear acrylic, and warm leather, the silhouettes serve the materials and create beautifully angular designs and organically curved pieces that coexist in harmony. It’s a celebration of everything that makes urban dwelling special – artistic culture, cutting-edge modernity, and undeniable style.

Here, discover three unique themes from this collection that are timelessly inspiring and easy to introduce into your current decor.

Black & White Pops

Classic black and white comes alive when paired with bright, vivid shades or opulent jewel tones. Push your design limits a bit by adding warm woods to the mix.

Nature Provides Limitless Beauty

Mother Nature is a true master artisan, and we love to showcase the patterns and textures she creates. The swirls in burl wood, the stripes in stone, and the smooth feel of rattan and leather are just asking for a spotlight.

Light Echoes Off Mirror & Glass

Like the sun reflecting off a skyscraper, mirrored pieces help create beams of light and open up a space. Glass items provide function while keeping the room airy and uncluttered. Both add a touch of downtown glam.