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Our Top 5 Room Designs of the Year & the Inspiration Behind Them

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As we look back upon 2018, we’re so incredibly thankful for all of the support we receive from our amazing followers! We love all the comments and double taps, so to celebrate you, we’re sharing our top 5 most loved Instagram room designs from the last year and the design inspiration behind each one. Here’s to another wonderfully artistic year!

Inspiration: Committing to a theme

1. Inspiration: Committing to a Theme

For this outdoor space, we took traditional blue and white and ran with it. After pairing matching textiles and pottery, we filled the vases with live floral arrangements in the same color scheme. This just goes to show that committing to a theme can create beautiful results.


2. Inspiration: Letting Mother Nature Inside

Here, we brought the outside into this breakfast nook with organic materials – teak and rattan – and nature-centric wall art featuring warm-hued butterflies. Live floral arrangements add to the homage to Mother Nature. Bright sunlight from a nearby window completes the scene.


Inspiration: Letting Mother’s Nature inside

Inspiration: Infusing the outdoors with angular design

3. Inspiration: Infusing the Outdoors with Angular Design

We don’t often see straight lines in nature, so we created this eye-catching pool-side juxtaposition with sharp edges and cubes made from teak wood, showcasing the contrast between angular design and the organic curves of the outdoors.


4. Inspiration: Playing with Colors and Patterns

This bright, cheery dining area shows that mixing accent pieces from different points on the color wheel and with a multitude of patterns can create a whimsical, pulled-together look. The key is to use a full range of color and pattern variety so that your choices are clearly intentional. Here, a neutral background allows the pillows to pop forward.


Inspiration: Playing with colors and patterns

Inspiration: Mixing bold silhouettes and shapes

5. Inspiration: Mixing Bold Silhouettes and Shapes

In this dining space, an abundance of silhouettes and shapes simply play off one another thanks to a mostly neutral color palette. Each time you find one intricate design detail – from the shape of the mirror and console to the base of the table and mismatched chairs – you’re inspired to find the next.