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6 International Desserts You Have to Try for the Holidays

This holiday season, take a trip around the world via your dessert table! We invite you to try six delectable international treats that originate from the countries where we work with artisans, vendors, and our nonprofit friends. These desserts will be sure to create a uniquely global final course for your friends and family. 

1. Mexican Chocolate Tres Leches Cake

A chocolatey take on a traditional Mexican cake, this version includes a hint of cinnamon along with a pinch of cayenne pepper.

via greens & chocolate

2. Chinese Pumpkin Pancakes

It only takes three simple ingredients to create this filling, bite-sized dessert with the perfect amount of sweetness.

via Anncoo Journal

3. Guatemalan Orange Scented Fried Dough

These light and citrusy treats are traditional throughout Central America and totally addicting.

via Tara's Multicultural Table

4. Indian Apple Sheera

A classic dish usually prepared for family gatherings, this dessert will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth.

via Cook with Kushi

5. Indonesian Wingko Babat

Coconut lovers, rejoice! Richly sweet, as most Indonesian desserts are, this traditional coconut treat is perfect for cutting and sharing.

via V for Veggy

6. South African Meyer Lemon Meringue Tartlets

These super creamy little tarts have a subtle lemon flavor that’s perfectly balanced by sweetened condensed milk.

via Flour Child

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