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Gray Malin’s Breathtaking Master Suite Redesign, featuring Wisteria

When you’re Gray Malin, U.S. fine art photographer and New York Times bestselling author, your house needs to be photoshoot-worthy, and the master suite is no exception. When he purchased a new Los Angeles home several months ago, he knew the space needed to be special. So he teamed up with interior design company Homepolish and found the perfect designer for the project – Shana Wardle of Sloane & Studio Interiors.

“Gray is a storyteller, so before even meeting him, my goal was to create a room that felt warm, inviting and full of micro-moments,” Shana says. “Thus, I was so excited to hear him say - patterns please! He knew he wanted to juxtapose various patterns from a similar color-family, and the room had blue written all over it in my mind.”

“Considering it was the master bedroom and a place where I spend a considerable amount of time, I decided to go all out on this project,” he says. And that he did, carefully selecting luxury pieces that worked with the space and theme, including two Wisteria bestsellers.

Over the next six months, Gray and Shana worked to bring their vision to life: universal coastal vibe, inspired by Gray’s love of the beach, the primary subject of his photography. Shana brought a light and airy, blue and white ambiance to life via patterns, textures, a cool color palette and, of course, Gray’s own photography.

Featured prominently on either side of the bed is Wisteria’s own Pagoda Mirror in white, which is reminiscent of traditional Chippendale design and Asian-inspired architecture.

Just to the right of the entrance, take a peek inside the walk-in closet and you’ll catch a glimpse of our three Happiness Pots, beautiful representations of traditional Chinese blue and white pottery. Here, they are artistically grouped and bursting with bright and colorful flora.

Two of the three pots are also used in the bedroom, decorating a white shelf and matching perfectly with our Hand-Painted Chinese Cache Pot, an exquisite vessel for lively green palm plants nearby.

Gray notes that pieces from Wisteria and a few other select companies are “represented in other rooms in the house, which I feel brings a continuous flow throughout our home’s overall design.”

While this was the largest personal design project he’d ever taken on, Gray says, “I can wholeheartedly say that the effort that was put into each and every inch of this room was 100% worth it.” We couldn’t agree more.

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Photos taken by Homepolish

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