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Give Your Home A Facelift for Spring

After the dreary days of winter, it's nice to spruce up your home for spring! We looked to our Inwood Village store for inspiration on the best (and easiest) ways to refresh your interior.

1. Go for faux floral

Long lasting and never out of style, faux flowers are a quick way to instantly brighten up a space. It brings the freshness of nature and the liveliness of spring right into your living room!

Gaby Guajardo-image-1519155781133
Gaby Guajardo-image-1519156159798
Gaby Guajardo-image-1519156260567

2. Have a gilt trip

Just like the sunshine warms our hearts, warm up your space this spring with a touch of glamorous gold. Gilded accents make all the difference in preparing a home for brighter days.

Gaby Guajardo-image-1519156780563
Gaby Guajardo-image-1519156537971

3. Pop out the color

Nothing says spring like bright colors! Whether you use pillows, flowers, wall art, or some popping upholstery, having an array of vibrant colors really brings out the best in springtime decor.

Gaby Guajardo-image-1519157339924
Gaby Guajardo-image-1519157335341
Gaby Guajardo-image-1519156622793
Gaby Guajardo-image-1519157444611

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