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3 Twists On Traditional Valentine’s Day Roses

The day of all things love is just around the corner. Have you thought of what you will get your significant other to show them your love and affection? Most people usually get the standard dozen red roses that will look great for a week but will then begin to die soon after.

Show your partner that your love endures forever with these gift ideas that will outlast a few days on the counter:


Forget that bouquet and give your love a plant that will continue to produce roses for years to come! The floral industry knows that the demand for roses around Valentine’s Day is high, so the price of a dozen roses can be astronomical. Purchasing a plant that can be added to a garden is a wise investment since you can cut roses from it year after year. Prices for a rose bush can be anywhere from $20-$100 based on maturity, but it will be money well spent given the longevity of the plant.

Gifting a rose bush is also a great way to enhance the look of your garden, and your partner will be reminded of your love every time they look at it. Be sure to be willing to dig the hole and plant the rose bush as well in order to complete this lovely gift idea.



If your partner doesn't have a green thumb, there are still potted plants that will make a great gift. Plants like cacti, succulents, and aloe vera are great choices for those who forget or are too busy to regularly water their plants. You can even find succulents, such as the desert savior, that have romantic hints of red in them. Nevertheless, all of these choices can store water well and actually prefer to be watered much less than a typical potted plant.

They are also small enough to be placed anywhere, like the edge of a bathroom counter, a windowsill, or side table, and will add texture and life to any space. If you are looking to give a larger gift, then consider putting all three of these plants in a larger container for the ultimate arrangement that doesn’t need much attention.



Does your partner work at a desk all day with little to no sunlight or direct window access? Think about giving them a potted plant that prefers less light like bamboo, spider, or jade plants. Bamboo will grow quite fast and add height and dimension to any drab office area. Spider plants are white and green in color and add interest to any space, while waxy jade plants look like a bonsai tree and need little attention. For the ultimate office dweller that is gone on long trips, consider getting them a potted ficus tree that actually responds better to dark areas and dry soil.


There are so many more options for Valentine’s Day gifts than just the standard cut flower arrangements. Consider purchasing a potted plant to show your love that will continue to grow and mature throughout many years. Choosing a plant that fits the needs and personality of your partner is easy given the wide variety of plants available. There is no need to purchase cut flowers that will eventually be thrown away when there are many other great plant gift choices that will show that your love endures beyond a single Valentine’s Day!



Katie Kuchta is a gardening guru, outdoor living expert, and self-proclaimed foodie. She can often be found cooking in the kitchen or on the hunt for the best tacos. Follow her on Instagram @atxtacoqueen.

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