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GAIA & Wisteria


In a unique partnership with GAIA Empowered Women and Orphan Outreach, Wisteria brings you an exclusive line of handcrafted pillows, available only at our Dallas store. Each pillow in the collection is a “one-of-a-kind.”

The unfolding of the collection began when our co-founder, Shannon Newsom, traveled with Orphan Outreach to Guatemala in June. Orphan Outreach is one of Wisteria’s nonprofit friends and seeks to  glorify the Lord Jesus Christ by ministering to orphans around the world by meeting spiritual, physical, emotional and educational needs.

img_2476One afternoon, while on a short break from ministry at one of the children’s homes, Shannon and a few friends milled around town and discovered two ladies, both “abuelas,” with some beautiful Guatemalan fabrics from the surrounding mountain villages. Delighted, Shannon talked with the women and picked out her favorites.  Filling a huge empty duffle that had been used to bring ministry supplies to Guatemala, the fabrics made their way back to Dallas and into the hands of the wonderful women at GAIA.


GAIA creations  are handmade by resettled refugee women in Dallas using vintage, artisan-made, & sustainable materials.  GAIA’s mission is to empower marginalized women through employment, encouragement, and dedication to their long-term success in our own local communities.  

For the Wisteria collection, two women, Huda and Buthina, with design inspiration from GAIA director, Lauren Jarrett, and founder, Paula Minnis, lovingly laid out and created these amazing pillows.

At Wisteria, we like to call this collaboration – the “virtuous cycle,” whereby each of our pieces brings to you, our customer, the story and meaning behind its creation.  At Wisteria, we believe every home tells a store;  that each piece should have personal meaning to express you and your unique style.  We hope you love these amazing pillows as much as we do.

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