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New Item: Cassis Bar Stools

Buyer, Tori Hunger, talks her favorite March new items – the Cassis Bar Stools (in red and blue). Here’s why she loves them:

Q: What’s your favorite thing about these bar stools?

A: It’s not often I come across a piece of red furniture that I’m drawn to because sometimes it might feel like too much for my personal style, but the combination of the diamond pattern and bold red color makes for a cool piece that is fun AND classic. Also, I love the fact that they’re indoor and outdoor safe. I think the initial thought might be to have them outside, but I love the idea of having a teak wood and rattan piece in my home as well because it gives the organic feel I crave for the inside of our house.

Q: What makes these pieces special?

A: Well, a lot of our items are hand-crafted, and these stools are no exception – they’re hand-woven in Indonesia, and when you see the rattan pattern, you can’t help but have an immediate appreciation for the detail that goes into something like that.

Q: Can you give us three ways you’d utilize these pieces?

A: Well, my husband and I want to buy them for our patio bar outside by the grill. They’re easy because they’re all you really need to use if you’re trying to bring an area of your home to life.  Another way would be inside, near our kitchen island. These pieces have enough character to simply be decorative against a wall and pulled over when you have company hanging out in the kitchen. Lastly, we have some friends who have high standing tables outside by their pool, and I can imagine two of the blue bar stools set up on each side of those tables with some pillows that have a pop of color.

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