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Nonprofit Friend: Millions from One

Millions from One is a nonprofit organization created to provide clean water and antimicrobial shoes to those in need. With a clear vision of providing sustainable solutions that meet basic living needs, they work to build community, promote education, and provide hope to the hopeless all over the world.

Millions From One

Water is at the heart of a daily crisis faced by almost a billion of the world’s most vulnerable people, especially children. This crisis threatens life and destroys livelihoods on a devastating scale. Nearly 90 percent of all diseases in the world are caused by unsafe drinking water, inadequate sanitation, and poor hygiene. This is a silent crisis experienced by the poor and tolerated by those with the resources, technology, and power to end it. To save millions of lives by providing long-term clean water, along with education and hygiene training, to those most in need across the world, Millions from One’s current outreaches include drilling deep-water wells and the manufacture of antimicrobial shoes—both giving life and filling needs to those in desperate situations.

Why shoes? Over 3 billion people live on the equivalent of $2.50 or less per day, meaning that many of life’s basic needs go unmet. The majority of the world’s poor must walk where they go, and an estimated 2 billion people are currently afflicted with parasitic diseases, most preventable with the right shoes. Currently serving 59 countries, Millions from One is changing the lives of millions one at a time.

Millions from One

In 2014, we helped Millions from One build a deep-water well in Burundi. This year, we’ll help provide basic necessities, along with clean water and antimicrobial shoes, to an orphanage in Nepal that was first devastated and then destroyed by earthquakes. Millions from One recently adopted this orphanage—quickly finding a new building so the children were no longer living in makeshift tents. We hope our combined efforts, with your help, will allow this orphanage and the children who live there continue to be successful.

We would like to partner with you, our customer, in an effort to provide necessary resources for Millions from One to continue their endeavors. On March 10, 2016, Wisteria will Give 10% of your entire purchase to Millions from One and you will Get 10% off your purchase. Use promo code MILLIONSFROMONE16 at checkout. Help out!

To learn more or make a donation of your own, visit

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