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Majestic and Moorish: Our Bone Curule Stool

The Roman Empire made several contributions to past and present society, one being chair design. As the Empire expanded across Europe, so did its methods of craftsmanship. It was during this reign that curule chairs were first introduced, said to have originated in Etruria. These chairs, or stools, were reserved for magistrates holding imperium to sit on during court or royal gatherings. One of the earliest recorded examples of the curule chair dates back to 494 BC when Roman dictator Manius Valerius Maximus was awarded one as a result of his victory over the Sabines.

Majestic and Moorish: Our Bone Curule Stool | Wisteria

In Rome, the curule chair was traditionally made of ivory and had a wide x-base, no arms, and no back. Keeping up with this regal tradition, we’ve created our Bone Curule Stool in the same fashion but updated it for a more modern appeal. Combining 18th-century Empire Style with 16th-century Moorish design, this exquisite stool has the best of both worlds. Each stool is embellished with hundreds of pieces of camel bone that are carved and inlaid into a wood frame by hand—a meticulous and time-consuming process skilled artisans endure to create these imperial pieces. Fit for a king or a queen, this stool is complete with a durable white linen cushion, and is an ideal seat for a vanity or desk. Hint: Pair two at the end of the bed for even more regal ambiance.

Majestic and Moorish: Our Bone Curule Stool | Wisteria

  • virginia adams

    Your “Small Good Morning Tray” #T10875 in the paper catalog is described as having a 20″ length; but on the web site it says it is 27″ length. Which is correct? You will also note that the dimensions for both sized trays are the SAME. Please advis. Thanks!

    • kayla

      Thank you for your inquiry about the Good Morning Tray dimensions. The Small Good Morning Tray is 20”w x 14.75”d x 2.5”h. Our Large Good Morning Tray is 27.75″w x 20″d x 2.75”h.

      We apologize for any inconvenience and very much appreciate you bringing this to our attention. We have updated the website with the correct dimensions by size.

  • JSchu

    great friendly service!

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