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A Classic Collection: Our Blue and White Pottery

A Classic Collection: Our Blue and White Pottery | Wisteria

Blue and white is a classic palette we love to work with here at Wisteria (besides purple, of course!). And when this color story is showcased on traditional Chinese pottery, well, we just can’t get enough!


The earliest known origins of making blue and white pottery are rooted in Persia many centuries ago. Making its way down the Silk Road, this process was perfected and popularized by Chinese artisans. During the 17th century, these prized pieces became a hot commodity among well-to-do Europeans—shipped extensively to the markets for years to come. The most popular ceramics sent over were hand-painted with scenic designs, a snapshot of the exotic culture and lifestyle of Asian society.


Depicting traditional Chinese life, among flora and fauna, each piece in our collection is thrown and painted by skilled artisans who practice the very same techniques used by their ancestors over 2000 years ago. Though a tedious and time-consuming process, artisans are able to shape what was once a dull ball of clay into these incredibly beautiful pieces—and we fall in love all over again every time a new piece enters our collection. Whether it be a vase, jar, a lantern, or a pot, our Blue and White Pottery Collection possesses an heirloom quality and delivers timeless style to any setting.


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