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In a Sea Full Wonder: The Legend of the Sand Dollar

In a Sea Full Wonder: The Legend of the Sand Dollar | Wisteria

You may have collected sand dollars on your visits to the beach—picking them up to collect or to break in half and release the five “doves”—but are you familiar with The Legend of the Sand Dollar? As legend has it, the sand dollar represents the birth, the death, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Written anonymously, there is a story that explains how this unique creation is a symbol of Christ’s life and is used as a way to spread His message.

We were awestruck with this sentiment and wanted to share it with you. Our The Legend of the Sand Dollar set features a real sand dollar ornament—a visual of the story and a keepsake for you—complemented by a handmade jute bag to stylishly and securely hold this unique piece. It also comes with the written story, so you can always be reminded of its sacred message.

‘Tis the season! This special set makes a great gift for your favorite storyteller.

The Legend of the Sand Dollar

The legend of the sand dollar,

That I would like to tell,

Of the birth and death of Jesus Christ,

Found in this lowly shell.


If you will examine closely,

You’ll see that you will find here,

Four nails holes and a fifth one,

Made by a Roman’s spear.


On one side the Easter Lily,

Its center is the star,

That appeared unto the shepherds,

And led them from afar.


The Christmas Poinsettia,

Etched on the other side,

Reminds us of His birthday,

Our joyous Christmas tide.


Now break the center open,

And here you will release,

The five white doves awaiting,

To spread good will and peace.


This simple little symbol,

Christ left for you and me,

To help to spread His message,

Through all eternity.


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