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How To Build an Entryway: Behind the Scenes

An entryway is often the first thing guests see when they visit your home. It should set the tone, make an impression, and be functional! So how do you get so much out of an often small space? The formula is simple yet important, but don’t worry, we’ll walk you through it!

It always seems I rather serendipitously match whatever room we’re working on that day and luckily this day was no different! Even my coffee mug matches! (step 1: start decorating your entryway by grabbing a delicious cup of java! just kidding, kind of)

Step 1

Start with the bones

For some of you this may begin with a chest or cabinet. We chose to go with an open console to show off our fabulous and fun wallpaper. Many entryways are directly near the front door, so a mirror is a fantastic choice to catch light and bounce it through the rest of the house, not to mention a place to check your hair before jetting out the door!

Step 2

Add  lighting

If you’re lucky enough to have overhead lighting in your entryway a stylish light fixture is a must. Get rid of that builder’s grade fixture and show off your style. I also prefer two light sources so I brought in a lamp that resembles a hand painted ginger jar. I often prefer lamps at night as opposed to overhead lights because they give off a much cozier ambience.


Step 3


A place where you can put your shoes on is a must. The small garden stool will hold your belongings while you lace up your shoes. If your entryway doesn’t have the space for a chair, a bench tucked under your console will work just as well. I chose a rustic leather chair to balance out the sleek painted chinese lamp and garden stool. When selecting major pieces in a room, think of choosing items with varying textures. This gives a room that layered, comfy, cozy feeling. A soft throw, a textured wood, sleek glass, the combinations are endless.


Step 4

Books and more books

Coffee table books of all sizes should be a staple in every home. They bring color and character to any room. They are also a great way to change out accent colors in any space. I went with red to spice up the traditional flavor of our entryway but I could easily change colors next season by switching the books to green or any color of the rainbow. Books also serve to give height to other decorative objects. As you will see in the next step, this is a very important aspect of styling.

Step 5

Add Accessories

A large bowl or tray is perfect for an entryway. It can be a catchall to keep your mail, keys, wallet, or anything jingling around in your pockets organized and in one place. I chose two ginger jars for some ethnic flair and the birds play off the motif in the wallpaper nicely. Notice how some items are on books while others are not. In styling, it’s important to have items at varying heights because it creates movement of the eye. This creates more focal points in a tablescape to add points of interest.

Step 6

Add  a Natural Element

A plant, flower, or other organic material is the cherry on top of any vignette. Even though I chose to go with flowers here you shouldn’t feel limited to that. This is the element that gives your home life, texture and color. And while it’s not the only way to do so, it is one of the easiest and in my opinion, the most fun! A potted plant, succulents, branches, or almost anything organic will do the trick. Plus it’s just as easy to change this aspect of your style as it is with books when you’re ready to freshen up your look!

So there you have it,  my recipe for making a first impression. I hope you have as much fun building your entryway as I did!

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  • Clementine

    Hi Brandi … Can you tell me what color paint was used on the walls of the April Wisteria catalog? Particularly page 29. It’s amazing. I would be forever grateful!

  • Clementine

    Hi Brandi … Can you tell me what color paint was used on the walls of the April Wisteria catalog? Particularly page 29. It’s amazing. I would be forever grateful!

    • Brandi

      Hi Clementine, The wall color on page 29 is from Farrow and Ball, the name is skylight. Thanks!

  • Rebecca

    Brandi – what brand of wallpaper is that? I love it and would love to know where you got it!!!!

    • Brandi

      Hi Rebecca, the wall paper is from F Schumacher, you can view it on their website and contact them for where to buy. Thanks!

  • the_dark_lady_2

    Am I missing something, but is there actually a power source for that very nice lamp? Call me practical, but the trouble with the open console is all those visually unpleasant power leads that tend to intrude in real life.

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