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Our Employee’s Home: Paige’s House

Paige's Living Room

What is your role at Wisteria?
I am the Senior Creative Manager, I manage all the photography for the catalog and web. I direct and edit the photography at the photo shoots and the styling on set. I also contribute in the overall conception of the catalog and marketing pieces. I have a very very cool job, challenging, but cool. It is never boring and I get to work with so many talented people.

What is your personal design style?
Well. I would say eclectic, except I feel that’s too broad, and my aesthetic is pretty specific, in my own mind. I like a lot of different styles and periods of furniture. I tend toward graphic solid design for the basis of my home. Essentially everything in my house is gray, black, or white. The tile, the walls, the big pieces. I like to accessorize with color. I am absolutely obsessed with textiles. I love textiles from India and Uzbekistan. I like bold pops of color through fabrics, pillows, and textiles. I love burlap, embroidery, and suzanis.  I also love flowers, plants, and sketches of bugs and animals. I like natural elements and you see them throughout my home either in vases or in the artwork I collect. The most important thing to me is that my home feels comfortable and cozy and feels like “me.” My design style is this: it has lots of rules and no rules at all. I am an avid collector and a equally avid editor. So I am constantly changing things around.

What inspires you?
Most of my inspiration has come from books I read as a little girl: The Secret Garden, The Little Princess, The Girl of the Limberlost, and Anne of Green Gables. These were huge for me. I think that is where my imagination really took off. I love the imagery from those books, how they described nature and people and places. It made me want to live in a place like that. I have tried to recreate those fantasy type places within my home. I have nooks and canopies. I even have a secret path in my garden. I am also inspired by nature, things that a perfect and not perfect at the same time. I don’t throw out favorite dishes when they get chipped; it adds to their charm. I also am inspired by things that are handmade and have a global influence. I have traveled extensively and like to be surrounded by things that remind me of my travels. I also have a weakness for interior design magazines and books; my office is overloaded with all of them. They are my teachers.

What are your most prized possessions?
My photo albums of my family, a little toy skeleton my brother gave me when he was little, dishes from my mother, art from my aunt, my pets (Maizie, Miles, and Marshal). I have a few favorite furniture pieces: my Moorish Chest, bone-inlay mirror, and my Vintage Chinese Butcher’s Table. I also love my textile collection; I have lots of kantha cloths, wedding cloths, suzanis, and a beautiful hand-embroidered tablecloth from Mexico that was a gift from our Style Editor Mary Jane. And my books, I have tons and tons of books. I’ve had some so long, I consider them friends.

Where do you shop?
I live in a hundred year old house that I am currently remodeling so I spend a lot of time at salvage yards and on craigslist. I love flea markets and estate sales. I love things that are old or repurposed so I spend a lot of time at antique stores, too. I get the best ideas from there! I also have a lot of hand-me-down pieces that come from my mom’s house. I am very much an online shopper as well; so many times the best deals are on the internet.

Tell us something we might not know about your home at first glance. 
I wanted my house to be all gray, black, and white. And I had to find the PERFECT shade of gray. It became an obsession. I painted my house completely three different times and wasn’t satisfied. After about 10 different shades, I finally found the right one for me: Benjamin Moore Gray Timber Wolf 2126-50. I became so obsessed with this color I even found a nail polish that matched. (Obsessed much? Yes!) You also wouldn’t guess by looking at my house that everything is EXACTLY where I want it. If the pillows get moved, I move them back. It’s organized chaos most of the time.

What Wisteria pieces are you currently lusting after?
I want the Peacock Mirror SO BAD! I have no idea where I would put it, but I’m not going to let that stop me. I also recently purchased the Wishbone Chairs and the Rectangular Parquet-Top Coffee Table. They go perfectly with my unmatched pieced together style.









  • Cindi Clanton

    Paige, I’m so glad I got a peek at your delightful home & decor. Your mom has bragged on you and now I see why. I loved both the photos and your personal comments. Wisteria is blessed to have you as an inspiring & gifted Senior Creative Manager!
    ‘Aunt’ Cindi (we’ve all labeled ourselves adoptive aunts to each others’ children)

  • Kathy Combs

    Hi Paige. Your mom sent us this link and I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading about your interests and love love love your home. I’m a textile nut as well and I love containers. You have lots of cool stuff in your house. Hope all is well with you.

  • Debbie Zook

    Love it!! Are those burlap drapes?? So cool…..

  • Stephanie Plunk

    Paige I love your living room drapes! Genius idea to use jute!

  • Cara


    I love this!!!! Your house is amazing and I’m jealous that Charley got to see it finished before me! Love you!

  • Alice

    I LOVE the black walls! And all the great details! The pictures are beautiful and I can see that you have put a lot of thought and love into your home…

  • libbybird

    woohoo!!!!!!what a place!!!just know getting to look, company here and gone and I’m catching up. this was a treat to see and even more special knowing you and your precious mom.

  • Suzanne

    Looks super great! Nice gray-really like it.

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  • Jessica

    Love your home. And I love that The Secret Garden inspired you. We should never lose the imagination of our childhoods.

  • Diane

    Your house is gorgeous. You have a great eye and a really great sense of style. I have an eclectic taste as well and seem to like the same pieces as you (coffee table, wishbone chairs, etc). Quick questions: where do the 2 rattan side chairs come from in the living room picture? Are they from McGuire?

    • Paige Morse

      Hi Diane! Thanks so much for the message. The two rattan side chairs were Wisteria products we carried last year. Similar to the Linen Cane back chairs we carry now. 

  • Barbro Greene

    Looking for at leaast two wishbone dining chairs in natural. I already have some, but love to have more.. Where are they?

  • brielle

    HI!! I clicked on a tv table on caster wheels and it brought me here. Do you have information on that tv table? looked like 2 pallets and casters…i was hoping for a diy list of materials and purchase place. thanks so much! your living room is very cool. i LOVE the brick flooring also!!!

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