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    A Peek Into A Time Honored Artistry:

Nonprofit Friend: Thai Christian Foundation

Am Kop_blogLawa-Wa Ministry is an outreach project supported by the Thai Christian Foundation. In 2012, they launched the Prosthetics Project to help those along the Thai-Burma border receive prosthetic limbs. Last year, Lawa-Wa Ministry helped Am Kop, a six-year-old girl suffering from tuberculosis and kyphosis, receive surgery and treatment, as well as get her a donated wheelchair to help her mobility. This month, with your help, we’re working to support Thai Christian Foundation in their efforts to give financial assistance to children like Am Kop in the future.

We would like to partner with you, our customer, in an effort to provide necessary resources for Lawa-Wa Ministry and Thai Christian Foundation to continue their endeavors. On April 10, 2016, Wisteria will give 10% of your entire purchase to Thai Christian Foundation and you will get 10% off your purchase. Use promo code THAICHRISTIAN16 at checkout. Help out!

To learn more or make a donation of your own, visit

Nonprofit Friend: Millions from One

Millions from One is a nonprofit organization created to provide clean water and antimicrobial shoes to those in need. With a clear vision of providing sustainable solutions that meet basic living needs, they work to build community, promote education, and provide hope to the hopeless all over the world.

Millions From One

Water is at the heart of a daily crisis faced by almost a billion of the world’s most vulnerable people, especially children. This crisis threatens life and destroys livelihoods on a devastating scale. Nearly 90 percent of all diseases in the world are caused by unsafe drinking water, inadequate sanitation, and poor hygiene. This is a silent crisis experienced by the poor and tolerated by those with the resources, technology, and power to end it. To save millions of lives by providing long-term clean water, along with education and hygiene training, to those most in need across the world, Millions from One’s current outreaches include drilling deep-water wells and the manufacture of antimicrobial shoes—both giving life and filling needs to those in desperate situations.

Why shoes? Over 3 billion people live on the equivalent of $2.50 or less per day, meaning that many of life’s basic needs go unmet. The majority of the world’s poor must walk where they go, and an estimated 2 billion people are currently afflicted with parasitic diseases, most preventable with the right shoes. Currently serving 59 countries, Millions from One is changing the lives of millions one at a time.

Millions from One

In 2014, we helped Millions from One build a deep-water well in Burundi. This year, we’ll help provide basic necessities, along with clean water and antimicrobial shoes, to an orphanage in Nepal that was first devastated and then destroyed by earthquakes. Millions from One recently adopted this orphanage—quickly finding a new building so the children were no longer living in makeshift tents. We hope our combined efforts, with your help, will allow this orphanage and the children who live there continue to be successful.

We would like to partner with you, our customer, in an effort to provide necessary resources for Millions from One to continue their endeavors. On March 10, 2016, Wisteria will Give 10% of your entire purchase to Millions from One and you will Get 10% off your purchase. Use promo code MILLIONSFROMONE16 at checkout. Help out!

To learn more or make a donation of your own, visit


Styling a Console 3 Ways with Jana Bek

Jana Bek of Jana Bek Designs knows how to make a house a home through creating a compelling, balanced space. She also has an eye for style on a budget and can transition one piece seamlessly from room to room. From sophisticated large homes to stylish studio apartments, Bek proves that her talented design eye knows no bounds. We’re excited to share a bit of Bek’s wisdom with you as she styles The Disappearing Console 3 different ways!

When designing for clients or myself I opt for incorporating versatile furniture, pieces that can serve multiple purposes, whenever possible. This route affords you the option to switch up your spaces as your tastes change.

This lovely lucite console is the perfect example of a piece with range. As soon as I saw it I imagined the endless ways in which I could use it in our new Atlanta apartment. Here are my three takes on composing this console:

An Elegant & Easy Entry

Easy Entry | The Disappearing Console
Get the Look: The Disappearing Console // Vase (similar) // Baskets (similar) // Art (similar) // Buoy (similar)

To create an entry with some pop, paint a focal wall a punchy hue. Here, Benjamin Moore’s Key Largo green helps highlight the silhouette of the console. With the addition of some seagrass baskets, clutter is contained.

Beautifully Balanced Buffet

Beautifully Balanced Buffet | The Disappearing ConsoleGet the Look: The Disappearing Console // Tray (similar) // Mirror (similar)

The open shelves are perfect for putting your dinnerware on display. Simple styling on the top shelf can be removed for entertaining with ease.

Best Bar Cart

Best Bar Cart | The Disappearing ConsoleGet the Look: The Disappearing Console // Vase (similar)

The length of this console makes it a perfect celebration station. A set of drink dispensers allows everyone to help themselves. This console is relatively lightweight so you can move it easily, I can’t wait to use it as an impromptu bar cart for alfresco entertaining!

I could also envision this console serving as a media stand or sofa table – it really is versatile! Next time you are in the need for new piece, I hope these looks will inspire you to look for one with possibilities!

Nonprofit Friend: Akola Project


Akola Project is a nonprofit with a mission-driven jewelry business that empowers women to uplift their families out of poverty. Seeing a pressing need at home and abroad to empower women—whose potential to become strong caretakers and community leaders has been unrealized due to their marginalized status—Akola provides approximately 450 women in Uganda and Dallas with the training, work, and holistic programs to transform the well-being of almost 4,000 dependents and 9 communities.

After spending a summer in Uganda in 2004, Brittany Merrill Underwood founded an organization to build an orphanage in 2006. Once the orphanage was complete in 2007, Brittany launched the Akola Project in efforts to revive the livelihood of women and their families through economic development.

The Akola Project spends years training women, who would otherwise have no opportunities, to become artisans of jewelry and accessory design. Through this effort, poverty-stricken women in rural Ugandan villages are able to support themselves and their dependents—transforming each individual life. In Uganda, Akola members are challenged by factors such as rural poverty, decades of civil war, HIV/AIDS, and gender inequality, while Dallas members struggle to integrate into the mainstream workforce due to former experiences such as sex-trafficking and incarceration. Akola offers the training, work opportunity, and support system that empower the women to rise above poverty and create sustainable change for their children and within their communities. By investing in the whole woman, not just her economic livelihood, Akola enacts a ripple effect that can break the cycle of poverty for an entire family.

We are proud to announce that since our last feature, Akola has begun construction on a third academy, located in eastern Uganda.

We would like to partner with you, our customer, in an effort to provide necessary resources for Akola Project to continue their endeavors. On January 10, 2016, Wisteria will Give 10% of your entire purchase to Akola Project and you will Get 10% off your purchase. Use promo code AKOLA2016 at checkout. Help out!

To learn more or make a donation of your own, visit

Majestic and Moorish: Our Bone Curule Stool

The Roman Empire made several contributions to past and present society, one being chair design. As the Empire expanded across Europe, so did its methods of craftsmanship. It was during this reign that curule chairs were first introduced, said to have originated in Etruria. These chairs, or stools, were reserved for magistrates holding imperium to sit on during court or royal gatherings. One of the earliest recorded examples of the curule chair dates back to 494 BC when Roman dictator Manius Valerius Maximus was awarded one as a result of his victory over the Sabines.

Majestic and Moorish: Our Bone Curule Stool | Wisteria

In Rome, the curule chair was traditionally made of ivory and had a wide x-base, no arms, and no back. Keeping up with this regal tradition, we’ve created our Bone Curule Stool in the same fashion but updated it for a more modern appeal. Combining 18th-century Empire Style with 16th-century Moorish design, this exquisite stool has the best of both worlds. Each stool is embellished with hundreds of pieces of camel bone that are carved and inlaid into a wood frame by hand—a meticulous and time-consuming process skilled artisans endure to create these imperial pieces. Fit for a king or a queen, this stool is complete with a durable white linen cushion, and is an ideal seat for a vanity or desk. Hint: Pair two at the end of the bed for even more regal ambiance.

Majestic and Moorish: Our Bone Curule Stool | Wisteria

  • virginia adams

    Your “Small Good Morning Tray” #T10875 in the paper catalog is described as having a 20″ length; but on the web site it says it is 27″ length. Which is correct? You will also note that the dimensions for both sized trays are the SAME. Please advis. Thanks!

  • kayla

    Thank you for your inquiry about the Good Morning Tray dimensions. The Small Good Morning Tray is 20”w x 14.75”d x 2.5”h. Our Large Good Morning Tray is 27.75″w x 20″d x 2.75”h.

    We apologize for any inconvenience and very much appreciate you bringing this to our attention. We have updated the website with the correct dimensions by size.

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